TV Shows, Unaired Pilots, and Hard To Find Videos



The following tapes and VCDs are $10.00 each, including shipping in the US. Please add 75 cents for Canadian orders. All tapes are believed to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and are sold as a collector’s item. Please see the Home page for shipping and payment information.





26 Men

An early TV show that capitalized on the popularity of The Lone Ranger. None of the cowboys wore masks in this show, however. The episode is titled The Recruit. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The $64,000 Question

The first year anniversary show of the once popular game show. Includes the original Revlon commercials. The three contestants are Captain Thomas O’Rourke and his wife, answering questions about Sherlock Holmes, and retired whaler Peter Freuchen. 1956. Black and White.


The Abbott And Costello Show Vol 1

This tape features two episodes of the classic sit com. The two episodes on this volume are The Drug Store, where Lou and Bud are forced to take gainful employment to pay off their back rent. The second episode is The Dentist, where the boys try to pull one of Lou’s teeth. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Abbott And Costello Show Vol 2

Two more episodes of the classic show. On this tape are Vacation, where the boys decide to take a well earned rest from loafing. The second episode is Alaska, where the boys need to raise $200 for a trip to Alaska, to take over a mine that Lou’s Uncle started. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Addams Family Halloween Reunion Special

The original cast is reunited for the family’s biggest holiday, Halloween. I believe that the original “Grandmama” is replaced, however. 1977. Color. Available on VCD.


The Adventures Of Fu Manchu

Each volume contains two episodes of the classic dramatic series featuring Glen Gordon as the evil Dr. Fu Manchu. TV series. “It’s said that the Devil plays for men’s souls. So does Dr. Fu Manchu. Satin himself, evil incarnate.” All volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Golden God Of Dr. Fu Manchu, has Fu murdering a man, then sending a henchman to kill the victim’s wife. The Master Plan, involves Fu kidnaping a plastic surgeon to change Hitler’s face.

Vol 2: The Death Ships, features Fu smuggling germ cultures. The Prisoner Of Dr. Fu Manchu, has Fu substituting a double for a diplomat. Black and white.


The Adventures Of Hirum Holliday

Wally Cox stars as a genius that’s traveling the world with his reporter friend. Each volume contains two episodes, and is available on DVD.

Vol 1: Hawaiian Humza; Wrong Rembrandt

Vol 2: Dancing Mouse; Sea Cucumber


The Adventures Of Jim Bowie

Each volume contains four episodes of the 1950's frontier classic about a man that refuses to use a gun. All volumes are only available on DVD.

Vol 1: The Secessionist; Select Females; Spanish Intrigue; The Squatter

Vol 2: An Adventure With Audubon; Monsieur Francois; Trapline; An Untitled Episode


The Adventures Of Long John Silver

Each volume features two color episodes of the 1955 TV series based on the novel, Treasure Island. Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: The episodes on this volume are Miss Purity’s Birthday & Sword of Vengence.

Vol 2: Devil’s Stew; The Necklace.


The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet - The DVD Collection

Each DVD contains four episodes of America’s “favorite family,” the Nelsons. Many contain the original commercials. This series is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: David Takes A Bride; An Evening With Hamlet; Losing Miss Edwards; Top Many Ashtrays

Vol 2: Halloween Party; Harrietsville; Rick Gets Even; Ozzie Sleeps In


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet – The VCD Collection

As the DVDs become available, I will be removing volumes from this section.

Each volume has two episodes of the classic TV series. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1:  A Tangled Web; An Honor For Oz. The second episode features commercials.

Vol 2: David’s Car Payment;  Tigers Go To Dance.Both episodes have the original commercials.

Vol 3: The Pennies; Lonesome Parents.  The first episiode has the original commercials.

Vol 4: Late Christmas Gift; Ricky’s Riding Lesson. Both have the original commercials.

Vol 5: Busy Christmas; The Pill. The first episode has the original commericals.


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Christmas Special

Ozzie worries about getting old in this 1952 Christmas special. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Each volume contains four episodes of the 1950's TV series, Robin Hood, Starring Richard Greene. They are ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: The Coming Of Robin Hood; The Money Lender; Dead Or Alive; The Charter

Vol 2: Queen Eleanor; The Ladies Of Sherwood; Food For Thought; A Tuck In Time

Vol 3: Brother Battle; Isabella; Lincoln Green; Untitled Episode


The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Each volume contains two episodes of the 1950's TV series starring Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes.  Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Case Of The Cunningham Heritage, the pilot episode where Holmes meets Watson; The Case Of The Lady Boryl.

Vol 2: The Case Of Harry Crocker; The Case Of The Texas Cowgirl.


The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot

Each volume has two episodes of this early TV series. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Knight With The Red Plume is the pilot episode, where Sir Lancelot finds Camelot. The second episode is The Ruby Of Radnor, where Lancelot’s knave saves the kings treasure.

Vol 2: The Ugly Duckling has Lancelot meeting King Arthur’s family. In The Lesser Breed, Lancelot is kidnapped by a band of Vikings.


The Adventures Of Superboy & The Adventures Of Superpup Live Action Pilots

This DVD features two unaired pilots from the early days of television. Both of the pilots were made in the hopes of cashing in on the success of the 1950's Superman TV series. The first pilot is The Adventures of Superboy. It features a brief origin of Superboy, before launching into a story about Superboy capturing a gang of jewel thieves. The second pilot is The Adventures Of Superpup. Contrary to popular rumor, the actors are NOT midgets in dog costumes. There is one little person, who plays editor Perry Bite. This DVD also features rare footage from the Superboy & Lana Lang screen tests, and a collection of Superman commercials from the original TV series. This title is only available on DVD.


Aesop’s Fables: The Tortoise And The Hare

Bill Cosby plays the legendary Aesop in this pre-Fat Albert cartoon. The show blends live action (such as Cosby’s character) with animation. Color. Available on VCD.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

A young, mentally challenged man (Brandon Dewilde) joins a circus sideshow magician (David J Stewart). Unfortunately for the magician, his lovely assistant (Diana Dors) and her boyfriend (Larry Kent) have other plans for both of them. One of the best episodes, even though the magician looks like a Buck Rogers villain. From the classic TV series. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

When a New Comer homing device is found and accidentally activated, the mother ship heads towards Earth to reclaim the missing slaves. Based on the early FOX TV series, based on the movie Alien Nation. Available on VCD.


The Andy Griffith Show: Each volume features two episodes. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Mountain Wedding; Opie and the Spoiled Kid.

Vol 2: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs; Barney’s First Car. Each has the original ending sequences that have been cut out for syndication.

Vol 3: The Great Filling Station Robbery; High Noon In Mayberry.


Annie Oakley TV Shows

Each volume features two episodes of the classic Tv western. Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Sharp Shooting Annie, and Annie Gets Her Man.

Vol 2: Annie's Desert Adventure and Annie and the First Phone. 


Annie Oakley - Santa Wears A Gun

This is the Christmas episode for the 1950's weastern. It features an elderly sharp shooter “Snowy Kringle,” that’s been framed for murder. It was produced by Gene Autry. Available on VCD.


Archie Live Action Pilot

This is the unaired 1950’s live action Archie TV pilot. Characters include Archie, Reggie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Mr. Weatherby and Miss Beasly. Black and White.


Astral Factor

A murderer learns how to make himself invisible while in prison, then escapes. The Made For TV Movie stars Elke Sommer, Robert Foxworth, Stephanie Powers, and Sue Lyon. Available on DVD.


Back To The Future: The Animated Series

Christopher Lloyd opens and closes each episode as Dr. Brown (the rest of the episode is animated). Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Batter Up; Time Waits For No Frog/Einstein’s Adventure


Bat Masterson

This is the series about a gunslinger that preferred to intimidate his enemies with his cane. The episode on this volume is called Stampede At Tent City. Black & White. Available on VCD.


Batman Rarities

This is a collection of rare and hard-to-find Batman video material. Included is the Batgirl screener from 1966, commercials for the TV series, The Department Of Labor, trailers from the 1966 movie, and animation. Available on DVD only.


Battleline: Pearl Harbor

This episode of Battleline features interviews with soldiers from both American vets stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, as well as Japanese pilots that attacked the base. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Beetlejuice Cartoons Vol 1

This is a collection of cartoons from the early days of FOX. Included on this tape are: Worm Welcome, Out Of My Mind, and A Dandy Handy Man. Available on VCD.


Benji: Ghost Town

Lovable Benji helps a space traveling kid and his guardian robot (that looks like a giant, flying gold hamburger) avoid the kidnappers that are after him. Available on VCD.


The Beverly Hillbillies

Each title features two episodes of the classic TV show and is sold separately. Each volume is also available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Clampetts Strike Oil, Jed finds oil in the pilot episode. Getting Settled, The Clampetts move into their mansion.

Vol 2: Meanwhile, Back At The Cabin, Jethro’s mom, Pearl, tries to catch an oil man. Jed Buys Stock, Jed takes Mr. Drysdale’s advice and buys some stock. A goat, a couple sheep, four cows, and some chickens.

Vol 3: Trick Or Treat, where the Clampetts decide to visit their neighbors on Halloween; and Lafe Crick, where an old friend of the family comes to Beverly Hills to let Jed know that Jethro proposed to his daughter.

Vol 4: Jethro Goes To School, where Jethro is called a genius for the first time, and Elly Races Jethrine, which has Granny and Pearl pitting the two girls against each other in a race to the chapel.


Bewitched Vol 1

This video features two Christmas episodes. The first one is a black and white episode from 1964. Darrin and Sam decide to bring an orphan (Bill Mumy) home for Christmas. Once there, Sam brings him and Darrin to the North Pole to meet Santa, in order to restore the boy’s Christmas Spirit. This episode also features Bill Daily as the man that wants to adopt the boy. The second episode is in color from 1966. Larry tries to force Darrin to work on Christmas, in order to please a client that doesn’t believe in Christmas. It’s up to Sam to show the man what the holiday means, ala Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Available on VCD.


The Big Picture: Payoff In The Pacific

This was a series produced by the US Army for the Armed Forces Network. This volume features a two part documentary about World War II. It features footage taken by US troops during the war. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Blondie’s Blessed Event

Blondie and Dagwood have their second child, Cookie. Daisy also decides to contribute to their happy family, by having a litter of pups. And if that isn’t enough, Hans Conried plays a con man / writer that manages to get an invitation to stay with the Bumsteads via Dagwood’s inability to say no. 1942. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Bonanza The VCD Collection

The follwoing episodes are currently available. They are all available on VCD.

Bitter Water: The Ponderosa is plagued as the town risks losing its cattle. Color.

The Bloodline: The son of a gun fighter comes to town looking for revenge on Ben. Color.

Clay Feet: Hoss has to befriend the son of a convict. Color.

The Stranger: A mysterious man from Ben’s past comes into town to arrest him for murder. Color.


The Borrowers

Eddie Albert stars as a man from a two inch tall race of Borrowers (technically thieves, when you think about it) that tries his best to keep his family from being discovered by humans. Color. Available on VCD.


The Buccaneers

This is an episode of the 1950's pirate series, titled Don Tempest And The Amazons. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Buffalo Bill Jr Vol 1

Each volume contains two black & white episodes of this early TV western. Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Empire Pass; The Fight For Texas.

Vol 2: Fight For Justice; Death Of Johnny Ringo


The Burns And Allen Show

Each volume contains two episodes. Most have the original Cartanion Milk commercials that were a part of the script. Each volume is sold separately, and is available on VCD.

Vol 1: The first episode is the pilot for the series. It features George and his neighbor trying to explain football to their wives, who have decided to tag along with their husbands to the big game. The second episode features Gracie and her teenage niece, who is visiting her for a few weeks. It also features the classic “pie are round” routine.

Vol 2: Harry Morton’s Secretary introduces his secretary to Gracie, who is expecting a woman secretary; Beverly Hills Uplift Society has Gracie trying to raise $120 for the club.

Vol 3: Dance Lessons has Gracie learning to dance; Gracie’s Bank Account has Gracie being asked not to come to the bank any more, since she causes too much pandemonium. The second episode does NOT have the original commercials.

Vol 4: Home Wedding has Gracie setting up an elaborate wedding for a friend. Free Trip To Hawaii has Gracie trying to set up her seamstress with a husband. The first episode has the original commercials. The second episode has the syndicated opening credits.

Vol 5: The Christmas Show has George and Gracie hosting relatives for the holidays. Income Tax Man has Gracie trying to explain to their accountant why she should be able to pay in whipped topping made from Carnation Evaporated Milk (their sponsor’s product). The second show has the original commercials.

Vol 6: Books Salesman; Dinner Party


Candy Claus

When a family gives Santa a doll for Christmas, she comes to life and becomes his daughter. Color. Available on VCD.


Captain America                                                                                                    

This is the original, 1979 Live Action Made For TV movie. Unfortunately, it is very campy, and doesn’t do the comic book justice. His shield is some sort of clear plastic that tends to wobble when it’s moved to fast. Steve Rogers is also the son of the “original” Captain America, who was really the scientist that invented the “super serum.” Available on VCD & DVD.


Captain America II -- AKA --Death Too Soon

This is the 1979 sequel to the 1979 pilot movie. Since Captain America was very    popular then, it was hoped that he could support a weekly show, as The Hulk did. Unfortunately, the production company altered the character too much, making the movies campier then the old Batman shows. This movie features Connie Sellecca as a scientist that works with Captain America. ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.


Captain America Cartoons From The 1960’s VOL 1

There are two complete episodes of the Captain America cartoon show from the 1960’s on this tape. The first one is The Origin of Captain America, which features the origins of Captain America and Bucky. The second episode is Midnight In Greymoor Castle, which features Cap and Bucky fighting a Nazi scientist in Germany. Both are in color. ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.


Captain Gallant Of The Foreign Legion

Buster Crabbe, his son Cuffy, and Fuzzy Knight (Yep. It was really his name) starred in this t950's series about an American and his grade school aged nephew serving in Morroco. With the “Red Scare” going on at the time, I can’t figure out why they weren’t in an American military outfit. Each volume has five episodes, and is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: Dr. Legionaire; The Burried Box; Gallant’s New Post; The Informer’s Map; The Long Night


Captain Gallant - The Boy Who Found Christmas

When Cuffy (Buster Crabbe’s real life son) finds out that Buster can’t take him to the States to see snow at Christmas, he decides to go out into the desert on a dangerous mission without telling anyone. Also features Fuzzy Knight. This episode has the original commercials for Legos and Lionel Trains included. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Check And Double Check

This is the only Amos and Andy film that was made. It stars the original actors (Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, who performed in black face). It also features Duke Ellington and his band performing Old Man Blues and Three Little Words. 1930. Black and white. Available on VCD.


A Christmas Without Snow

A woman moves from Nebraska to California after a divorce. Once there, she finds work in a church that is facing one problem after another. The movie stars Michael Learned, James Cromwell, and John Houseman. Available on DVD.


The Cisco Kid

This is the TV series based on “O. Henry’s Robin Hood of the Old West.” And yes, War did a song about them in the ‘70's. Each volume has two color episodes, and is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Chain Lightning (with Noel “Lois Lane” Neil); Pancho Hostage

Vol 2: Ghost Story; Bell Jar Jellies

Vol 3: False Marriage; Jewelry Hold Up

Vol 4: Counterfeit Money; Lynching Story

Vol 5: Cattle Rustling; New Paper Crusader

Vol 6: Big Switch; The Phoney Sheriff



This was a series of one hour long, Made For TV movies back in the 1950's. To my knowledge, they were all preformed live. I also believe that all of the episodes were done in black & white. Each title is available on VCD.

The Lou Gehrig Story

Wendell Long stars as baseball great Lou Gehrig. It also stars Jean Hagen, Harry Carey Jr, James Gregory, and William Lundigan. If you look closely, you’ll also see Russell (the Professor) Johnson of Gilligan’s Island fame in the locker room scenes.

Public Pigeon #1

This is the episode of Climax that Red Skelton later remade into his first move, Public Pigeon #1. 1956.


The Colgate Comedy Hour DVD SERIES

Each volume contains two episodes of the 1950's TV series. The series featured several stars that hosted the show on a rotating basis. Many of the episodes still have the original commercials. Each volume is only available on DVD.

Vol 1: Abbot & Costello - Episode 1 - Louis Armstrong & George Raft; Episode 2 - Charles Laughton. Both have the original commercials.

Vol 2: Abbott & Costello - Episode 1 - Gale Storn & Phil Regan; Episode 2 - Jane Russell & Rhonda Fleming. Both have the original commercials.

Vol 3: Martin & Lewis - Episode 1 - Dick Humphreys & Gretchen Houser; Episode 2 - Eve Young & Ray Malone

Vol 4: Martin & Lewis - Episode 1 - Dorothy Dandridge & Danny Arnold; Episode 2 - Vera Miles & Jack Benny

Vol 5: Martin & Lewis - Episode 1 - Helen O’Connell; Episode 2 - Connie Russell


The Colgate Comedy Hour – The VCD Collection

As these titles are transferred onto DVDs, I will stop offering them on VCD.

Each week Colgate Palmolive Peet had a new comedian or team star on this popular variety show. Most volumes feature the original commercials. All volumes are in black and white and sold separately All volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 1:  Starring Abbott and Costello. Features the classic "Who's On First" Routine. Also features an appearance by Lon Chaney. This volume does NOT have the original commercials.

Vol 2:  Starring Abbott and Costello. Includes the classic routine, "Do you have two tens for a five?" Guest appearances by Lizabeth Scott.

Vol 3:   Starring Abbott and Costello. This episode features Abbott and Costello in Washington, D.C. to attend President Eisenhower’s  inauguration.

Vol 4: Starring Eddie Cantor. Eddie Cantor Hosts this star studded episode. His guests include Eddie Fisher and Frank Sinatra.   

Vol 5: Starring Martin and Lewis. Martin and Lewis sing, dance and clown around. The show also features Rosemary Clooney.

Vol 6: Starring Martin and Lewis. This show features more of the team’s zany antics and musical numbers. Their special guest for this episode is Burt Lancaster.

Vol 8: Starring Abbott and Costello. Their guest is Les Paul.

Vol 9: Starring Abbott and Costello. Their guests are Haogy Carmichael, Peggy Lee, Ricky Vera, and The Sauter-Fineman Orchestra.

Vol 10: This is Abbott & Costello’s Christmas Show. In one of the sketches, Lou finally gets revenge on Abbott.

Vol 19: Abbott & Costello with guests Tony Curtis & Phil Reagan

Vol 20: Abbott & Costello with guest Errol Flynn



This is the classic war TV series from the early days of television. Each episode is available on VCD.

The Eyes of the Hunter: A new soldier in the squad has become blood thirsty when it comes to killing the enemy.

Mail Call: When the platoon gets it’s mail, there’s a strange reaction from the Sergeant.


Comic Strip Christmas

This DVD brings two popular comic strips to life through animation. The first feature is B.C. A Christmas Special. It features Johnny Hart’s cavemen B.C. and Wiley creating the legend of Santa Claus. B.C. & Wiley are voiced by Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding. The second feature is Bill & Opus: A Wish For Wings That Work. Berkely Breathed’s Outland strip is brought to life as Opus yearns to fly. Available on DVD.


Congratulations It’s A Boy!

Bill Bixby stars as a 37 year old man that just learned that he has an 18-year-old son.  The question is, who’s the real adult in their relationship? This is an early Aaron Spelling Made For TV movie. 1971. Available on VCD.


Crusade In The Pacific

“The Pacific In Eruption” features war footage World War II, as well as footage of Japanese military action prior to America’s involvement. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Dame Edna’s Hollywood Special

Dame Edna comes to America for a star studded special. Some of the stars include Cher and Mel Gibson. Available on VCD.


Dangerous Assignment: Memory Chain

Someone in a group of mountain climbers has valuable information. The question is, who is it, and is he or she willing to kill to protect it? This is an episode of the series Dangerous Assignment. Available on VCD.


Daniel Boone

"The rippinest, roarinest man the frontier ever knew, Daniel Boone!" This series starred and was produced by Fess (Davy Crocket) Parker. The following episodes are available. They are all in color. Each title is available on VCD.

The Bounty Hunter: Daniel must help a fugitive and a free man escape a ruthless bounty hunter.

Dave: Dan agrees to teach the son of a European aristocrat how to survive in America’s Wilderness.

Orlando the Prophet: Dan and company meet up with a traveling gypsy (Hans Conreid). Also features Anthony Alda as Orlando’s “protégé.” Stars Fess Parker, Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, Darby Hinton and Dallas McKennon.

Servant Girl: When Josh (Jimmy Dean) bids on a servant girl as a joke on a local bully, he ends up with more than he can bargain for.

Sir Hurbert Spencer: A cave in traps Sir Spencer, and it’s up to Daniel to save him and himself. Color.


Death Sentence

Cloris Leachman and Nick Nolte star in this MFTV story about a woman on a jury. As the trial goes on, she starts to realize that Nick isn’t guilty. But only because she knows the real killer. Available on DVD.


Death Valley Days

This is the classic 1950's TV series that told the “true” stories of life in “the land where Borax was discovered.” Yes, it was their sponsor. This episode is titled Little Washington, and has the original commercials. Black & white. Available on VCD.



Long before Angie Dickinson shot her way to fame as Pepper, there was Decoy, the story of a woman cop in New York City. Each volume has five episodes of this 1950's forgotten series, and is only available on VCD.

Vol 1: Bullet Of Hate; High Swing; Ladies Man; Saturday Lost (with Larry Hagman); Shadow Of Van Gogh


Dennis the Menace Cartoons

Each volume contains 3 cartoons from the short-lived 1980's series. Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Included on this title are: Lean, Green, Jumping Machine: Dennis meets Samuel Clemmons; Shark Treatment: Dennis finds a mechanical shark. Jungle Bungle:Dennis and Joey explore a drive through safari on foot.

Vol 2: Included on this title are: Ghost Blusters: Dennis and his friends explore a haunted house. The Monster of Mudville Flats: Dennis, Margret and Tommy find a monster. Young Sherlock Dennis: Dennis has to prove he didn't eat a box of chocolates.

Vol 3: Included on this title are: Disaster on the Green: Dennis has to be his dad's caddy, as they play Henry's boss. Baseball's Best Ball Player: Dennis dreams that he's playing against an entire team of Mr. Wilson's; Soccer It To Me, Dennis: Dennis' soccer team uses a super bouncy goo to win games. Race Track Menace: Dennis stands in for a sick jockey.


The Devil’s Messenger

This 1961 Swedish film was originally three episodes of an unsold TV show called #13 Demon Street. The story has a young woman (Karen Kadler) sent to Hell after committing suicide. The Devil (Lon Chaney Jr) is willing to let her go back to Earth and redeem herself if she runs a series of errands for him. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Dick Tracy Double Feature Vol 1

This DVD features two of the four 1940's Dick Tracy R.K.O. feature films. The films are presented in order of their original release. The two films on this volume are: Dick Tracy, Detective: Morgan Conway stars as the world famous detective in this feature. The second movie is Dick Tracy Versus Cueball. Conway stars as Dick Tracy once more. This time, he’s facing a baldheaded killer that uses a hatband to strangle people. This title is only available on DVD.


Dick Tracy Double Feature Vol 2

This DVD features two of the four 1940's Dick Tracy R.K.O. feature films. The films are presented in order of their original release. The two films on this volume are: Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. Ralph Byrd (from the serial & 1950's TV series) returns to the role of Dick Tracy. The villain is played to perfection by horror master Boris Karloff. The second title is Dick Tracy’s Dilemma. Ralph Byrd returns as Tracy for the last film in the series. This time around, he has to track down the infamous insurance fraud, The Claw. This title is only available on DVD.


Dick Tracy 1950's TV Series

Each volume contains four episodes of the 1950's TV series based on the comic strip character. The series starred Ralph Byrd as Tracy. Please note that some of the episodes don’t have the opening and / or end credits. They are the best quality that I have been able to find at this time.

Vol 1: Shakey’s Secret Treasure; Dick Tracy Meets Flattop; Dick Tracy Versus Heels Beels; Hi Jack


Dick Tracy Live Action Pilot 1960’s

This is the unaired, live action TV pilot from the 1960’s. Not to be confused with the 1950’s TV series. Features Ray MacDonald as Dick Tracy, Davey Davidson as Tess Trueheart Tracy, Jan Shutan as Lizz, Ken Mayer as Chief Patton, Monroe Arnold as Sam Cathem, and Victor Buono as the evil villain. Also in the opening credits, but NOT actually in this episode, are Eve Plumb as Donnie Braids and Jay Blood as Junior. Produced by James Fonda. Color.


The Dick Van Dyke Show

The following volumes are currently available. Each volume has two episodes, and is available on VCD.

Vol 1:  Bank Book 656569, where Laura hides a bank account with a substantial sum of money from Rob. The second episode is Hutling The Hustler, where Buddy’s pool shark brother hustles Rob.Black and White.

Vol 2: A Man’s Teeth Are Not His Own, has Dick going to a different dentist while Jerry is on vacation, then feeling like a traitor when he likes the new guy’s work. Give Me Your Walls, has Dick making a stain on the living room wall, then hires a very slow but lovable painter. Black and White.

Vol 3: Never Name A Duck, where Rob brings home a pair of baby ducks, and The Night The Roof Fell In, where Rob and Laura have a major fight.


Divorce His; Divorce Hers

This set of Made For TV Movies stars Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor as a couple that has just been divorced. Part 1 (Divorce His) tells how they met, and why they broke up through the husband’s point of view. Part 2 (Divorce Hers) tells the same story through the wife’s eyes. Both parts are included on this title. Only available on DVD.


Doing Time On Maple Drive

1992 drama about a highly dysfunctional family, featuring Jim Carrey before he was famous. Made for TV. Available on VCD.


Dollar A Second

This is a 1950's (?) Game show starring Jan Murray that is similar to Beat The Clock. Contestants earn money by doing outrageous stunts before the clock runs out. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Double Dragon

This title features two stories from the short lived Martial Arts / Sword & Sorcery animated series, Double Dragon (based on a video game). The stories on this title are The Price Of Oblivion & Judgement Day. Available on VCD.



This is the original TV series featuring “real stories” where the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Each volume has two episodes. They are black and white unless otherwise noted. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Big Family, has Friday and Smith investigating the murder of a socialite. The Big Baby Jesus,” has the duo investigating the theft of a Baby Jesus statue from a church nativity scene just before Christmas.

Vol 2: The first episode has the boys tracking down a shoplifter. In the second episode, they’re after a hit-and-run driver that killed an elderly lady and her grandson.       

Vol 3: The first episode has the boys tracking down a mother that abandoned her 7 week old baby. The second episode has them searching for missing twin four year old girls.


Dusty’s Trail

Simply put, this is the western version of Gilligan’s Island. It’s even produced by the same person. This time, Bob Denver is a wacky scout for a wagon master. Somehow, Dusty caused the wagon to get separated from the train (it says so in the theme song). Despite finding all sorts of information as to where they are (including a way station), the wagon just can’t find California. The four episodes are Horse Of Another Color, Witch’s Trail, Wizard Of Ooze, and Phoney Express. Available on DVD.


Evel Knievel

George Hamilton stars as the world famous motorcycle exhibitionist in this biography of his life. Instead of being one of those “Oh, he’s my hero” type of films, this one actually shows the earlier, wilder days of Evel as a bank robber and con man. This film is NOT Viva Knievel!, which had Evel playing himself in a glorified script. 1972. MFTV. Available on VCD & DVD.


The Fantastic Four Live Action Movie

This is the Roger Corman production that was shelved after completion. The reason for not realising it was that Marvel wasn’t happy (despite all of the hype in the “Bull Pen” columns) with the end result. As such, the movie was to be done with a budget ten times bigger than this movie had. Unfortunately, Marvel entered bankruptcy at this point, so the new movie was never started. Available on VCD.


Father Knows Best

The Andersons face life with their typical 1950's optimism in each half hour episode. There are two black & white episodes in each volume. All of the volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Father Knows Nothing; The Big Fight.


Felix The Cat: Live Action Series

Felix comes to life with the help of a cat costume in this short lived, educational series. The two episodes on this DVD are: Paper Ships - Felix and his friends learn about kites; Give Us A Lift - The gang is visited by an alien from another planet. Available on DVD.


Fight for the Title

This short, made for TV story features Michael Landon as a mentally challenged man that wants to be the lightweight boxing champion. 1957. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Flash Gordon TV Series

This is the 1950's syndicated series that was filmed in West Berlin. Each volume has five complete episodes from the series. Unfortunately, they are only available on DVD due to the length of each volume.

Vol 1: The Claim Jumpers; Deadline At Noon; The Lure Of Light; The Race Against Time; Struggle To The End

Vol 2: Akim The Terrible; The Forbidden Experiment; The Planet Of Death; Saboteurs From Space; Subworld Revenge


Four Star Playhouse - The Blue Tie

Burgess Meredith stars as a student that is working at a department store during the Christmas season. On his first day of work, he comes across an elderly shoplifter (Helen Hayes) that he and his boss help. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Frankenstein: The College Years

When a grad student inherits his mentor’s lab, he discovers the original Frankenstein monster and re-animates him. The monster is then hidden in plain sight on campus, where he is enrolled as a foreign exchange student that’s on the school’s football team. MFTV. Available on VCD.



This is the 1950's TV series about a boy and the stallion that only he can control. Sort of like a western version of Lassie. All volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Joey Finds A Friend, the pilot episode where Joey and Fury meet; The Search For Joey, where Joey and his best friend has an argument.


The General Electric Theatre Vol 1

Ronald Reagan hosts this episode devoted to Judy Garland. Judy sings I Feel A Song Coming On, April Showers, and more. The show also features the music of Joe Bushkin, Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra, and choreography by Peter Gennaro. The show was originally aired on April 8, 1956. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Gentle Ben

Three complete episodes of the classic TV show featuring Clint Howard, Dennis Weaver, and Beth Brickell. Includes the first episode, which features Ron Howard as a kid that doesn’t like Clint. Color. Available on VCD.


Get Christy Love

A street wise black cop busts open a mob in this made for TV movie. Available on VCD.


Go Ask Alice

The classic 1972 movie that, along with the book, probably inspired more kids to experiment with drugs than Timothy Leary. The problem was, it was made as an attempt to keep kids off of drugs. Features William Shatner as Alice’s father, and Andy Griffith as the priest. Available on VCD.


The Goldbergs

Gertrude Berg stars as Molly Goldberg, a typical Jewish American mother of the 1950's in this early sit com. In this episode, Molly and her family are held captive in their own home by a pair of bank robbers (look for a young Frank (Sgt. Carter) Sutton as one of the robbers). 1955. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Great Gildersleeve

One of the all time great radio shows brought to the small screen. Features Raymond (Mr Drysdale) Bailey as Gildersleeve’s annoying neighbor. Included on this tape are: Tom Sawyer, where Gildersleeve accidentally encourages Leroy to build, and sink, a raft on the river; and The Water Commissioner, which finds Gildersleeve going to the bottom of the reservoir to look for pollutants. 1950’s / 1960’s. Black and White. Available on VCD.



Each volume contains 4 shorts by Art Clokey. Each is available on VCD.

Vol 1:  Concerto AKA Gumby Concert; Mysterious Fires; Robot Rumbus; Too Loo.

Vol 2: Gold Rush Gumby; Stuck On Books; Gumbasia (an early work by Art Clokey); Tricky Trail.


The Halls Of Ivy

Ronald Colman and Benita Hume reprise their radio characters for this 1955 television episode, The Umbrella Man It also features Will Royce as a retired professor. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries

The Mystery Of Witches Hollow: The gang has to find the uncle of their friend before he becomes part of a highway. Available on VCD.


Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans

This Christmas episode features Hawkeye and his Native American friend Chingachgook (Lon Cheny Jr) must free a wagon train’s women from slavery before Christmas morning. Black and white. Available on VCD.



This is the 1968 Made For TV Movie that upset many football fans when NBC decided that it was more important to start the movie on time, then to show the end of a game that went into overtime. Starring Michael Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, and Zulieka Robson. Color. Available on VCD.


“Hey, Mulligan” AKA The Mickey Rooney Show

Mickey Rooney starred as a nitwit page at a TV studio in this 1954 TV series. Each volume contains five episodes, and is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: The Bronc Buster; Diamond In The Rough; The Executive (with Angie Dickenson); The Fur Coat; The Guardian

Vol 2: The Lion Hunt; The Moon Or Bust; The Other Woman; The Producer; Seven Days To Doom



Originally, this was a serial in 1938. In 1940, it was re-edited into a standard movie. It features Lee Powell as the Lone Ranger. Instead of being masked full-time, he is only masked when the Lone Ranger is needed, giving the movie more of a traditional super hero feel. Black and White. Available on VCD.


A House Without A Christmas Tree

A young girl struggles to convince her prideful father to buy a Christmas tree, even though the family is struggling financially. 1972. Available on VCD.


Howdy Doody

Each volume has two complete episodes, except for volume four, which has the final, one hour special. All are in black and white except for the final episode. Each show has the original commercials. All volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Two Episodes of the classic children's show. The first episode has Buffalo Bob getting new band uniforms and instruments from a con man. The second episode features Gabby Hayes. Sorry, but the shows are in Black and White. 1950's.

Vol 2: The first episode is 500 Marbles A Day, which has Howdy and Buffalo Bob trying to raise marbles to pay the mayor. Mambo has Mambo being kidnaped by a spaceman.

Vol 3: Cy Clone introduces Doodyville’s master salesman, Cy Clone. Halloween has the witch upset because no one remembered her birthday.

Vol 4: Clarabell Speaks: The final episode. This episode is in color, and is one hour long.


The Human Target Unaired Live Action Pilot

This is the UNAIRED live action pilot for the Human Target, based on DC’s comic book of the same name. Not to be confused with the pilot that ABC aired in the mid-1980’s. Stars Rick Springfield as the Human Target.




This is a clip from The Colgate Comedy Hour Vol 2








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