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All prices now include shipping and handling for the US. Please add 50 cents per DVD or VCD  for Canadian orders. I will ship to other countries as well. Please contact me for current shipping rates from the US.



All regular VCDs and DVDs are now only $10.00 in the US, including shipping. The only exceptions are titles that are too long for single DVDs or VCDs. These are primarially found in the Serials category.


Please specify the format for each title ordered. Most titles are available on VCD. At this time, only a few titles are now on DVD. All future titles will be offered on DVD. I will transfer to VCD or VHS upon request. However, due to increases in postage and materials, I am forced to charge an extra $5.00 per VHS tape. If you don’t specify, the default format will be VCD. I will no longer replace VCDs with tapes for free. Titles that are also on DVD can be replaced for a shipping fee of $1.00.


Special Offer! Buy 4 titles, get the 5th free. Please note that the cheapest title will be the free one. Serial sets are not included in this offer. You are welcomed to mix & match between VCDs and DVDs. VHS tapes are also buy 4, get one free, but I still need to charge the extra transfer & shipping fee per title.



Double features still only count as ONE title, but they are ONLY available on DVD. Due to the length of some of the titles, they cannot be converted to VCD or VHS.






I am in the process of setting up video clips for several of the titles. Unfortunately, this will be a slow process, since it takes a long time to upload clips.




For those of you that aren’t familiar with VCDs, or just aren’t sure, please visit my VCD page for more information. The price for a VCD is the same as a tape, so you won’t find any hidden mark ups. All of the VCD prices include shipping in the US, just like the tapes. If you want to find out what tapes are already converted, look for “Available on VCD” at the end of a title’s description.


There is also a link near the bottom of this page for “Computer Grade VCDs.” Unfortunately, some of my titles won’t transfer as well as others. Instead of selling a bad looking title, I am offering them as “computer grade.” They look fine while played through Media Player or other programs that play VCDs and MPEGs on computers. Unfortunately, they don’t look as nice during full screen play. As such, I prefer not to list them with the better VCDs.


What is “Public Domain?” A public domain tape means that there is NO current copyright on the tape. This usually occurs in one of three ways. The most common way is that the original copyright owners did not renew the copyright. All books, songs, movies, etc are only copyrighted for a limited number of years. After that, the owner has to renew the license, or the item becomes public domain. This means that anyone may use, air, sell etc the tape, book, or recording in any way that they want to. Please do not confuse a film going public domain with a character going public domain. Many times a character will remain the property of the original owner, but a specific film featuring that character may enter the public domain.



This brings us to the second way that books, tapes, etc enter the public domain. Everything can only be renewed so many times. After that, they automatically become public domain. For instance, the books Frankenstein, Dracula, and many other classics are now public domain. This allows publishers to print them at will, royalty free. This also makes the books less expensive. As such, schools can save money by using them in classes.


The third way that something can enter the public domain is by never being copyrighted in the first place. For instance, there are many websites where amateur and budding filmmakers can display their works. Often, these short films and cartoons are not copyrighted. This may be because it was a student film, and the person just wanted to share it. It may also be that an amateur just put the animation or short film together for fun, and never considered marketing it.



                                                                             CONTACTING ME


If you have any questions and want to contact me, or are ready to order, feel free to write me at my e-mail address.



Please note that ALL payments MUST be made to K Hough. Payments made to Hough’s Videos will be returned.



I’m always trying to add to the collection. If I don’t have a tape listed, please contact me. If it’s public domain and I can get a copy, I’ll add it to the collection. If it isn’t public domain, and I know where to find it, I’ll be more than happy to pass along the information to you.    


Although I try to keep the site updated as often as possible, I don’t always have the time to do it as soon as a title is added. If you are interested, I do have a catalog available for $7.00. The catalogs are always up to date, and contain all of my titles.



Please note that due to printing costs, catalogs will no longer be included free with orders as of September 12th, 2005.



As always, trades are always considered.



                             K Hough




Payments can be made in the form of personal checks or money orders. If you are outside of the US (yes, this does include Canada), you either need to use a check or money order that is from a bank with American locations, such as Chase, a Postal money order, or Western Union. Although I do NOT recommend it, you can also risk sending cash (US Funds only). If you do this, please REGISTER YOUR LETTER for your protection.


All prices include shipping and handling in the US. Please add $1.50 per tape (50 cents for VCDs) for Canadian orders, due to the latest postage increase. All tapes are believed to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and are sold as Collector’s Items. In the event of a defective tape or VCD, it may be exchange for another copy of THE SAME TITLE only. Any replacements will be mailed out AFTER I receive the original tape or VCD.



                                        All titles are indexed by the following Categories:


Action & Adventure      Animation     Classics     Comedy     Cult Classics    Documentaries


Double Features      Drama     Family Favorites     Horror     Martial Arts    Musicals    


Mystery & Suspense    Propaganda     Religious     Science Fiction     Serials    


Silent Movies & Shorts    Sports    Westerns



TV Shows & Hard-To-Find Videos




  The Current Preview










This is a clip from The Colgate Comedy Hour Vol 7



I will occasionally be changing the previews, as well as adding one to each of the pages.




All of the clips on these pages are from titles offered through this site. I will be changing them from time to time, so feel free to keep coming back.







 If you have any questions about shipping or payments, please feel free to contact me at:








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