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Animal Farm

George Orwell’s classic tale is brought to life via animation. Although this is a very political film, the cartoon is enjoyable for all ages. Very close to the book, in case you ever have to read it, but are having a hard time getting into it. 1956. Color. Available on VCD.


Betty Boop

Each volume contains classic black & white Betty Boop cartoons. All volumes are available on VCD. Boop‑oop‑a‑doo!

Vol 1: No No 1000 Times No; Betty Boop And The Little Kids; Betty Boop And Little Jimmy. Black and White. Various years.

Vol 2: Baby Be Good; Betty Boop And Grampy; Musical Mountaineers; Swat The Fly.


Christmas Cartoons

Each title in this series contains at least four cartoons with a Christmas theme. Each volume is available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Night Before Christmas, which is a combination of animation and live action; The First Christmas, which uses marionettes to tell the story of Jesus' birth; The Christmas Visitor, which is the only color cartoon on the tape; and Santa Claus' Punch & Judy, which uses puppets. Various years. Color and black and white.

Vol 2:  A Visit From St Nick, which is a telling of The Night Before Christmas; Toys Will Be Toys, where toys come to life after a shop keeper closes for the night; Madeline’s Christmas, which features Madeline; and Fresh Hare, which features Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Color.

Vol 3: Santa’s Surprise, where Little Audrey gathers a handful of kids from around the world to give Santa a special day after Christmas; Ginger Nutt’s Christmas Circus, where the animals have a fun time performing; Somewhere In Dreamland, a Max Fleischer classic about two poor children that dream of a perfect world; and Snow Foolin’, which is a Sing-A-Long classic featuring Jingle Bells. Color. Various years.


Classic Cartoons

Each volume contains four classic cartoons from various years. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Each cartoon in this volume features an early (or first) appearance of a favorite cartoon character. The first cartoon is Woof! Woof!, which features an early version Mighty Mouse. He has magnetic powers and a yellow cape in this cartoon. The second cartoon features Heckle and Jeckle, in The Talking Magpies. One of the birds is still a female called Maggie. Farmer McDonald also makes an appearance. The third cartoon is Yankee Doodle Donkey, which features our Donkey friend as a recruit in an all dog army. The final short features Buzy the Talking Crow in The Stupidstitious Cat.

Vol 2: This volume features Greedy Humpty Dumpty; Naughty But Mice; Simple Simon; and Small Fry.

Vol 3: This volume features Hamateur Night; The Henpecked Rooster; A Day At The Zoo; and Fox Pop.

Vol 4: The cartoons on this volume are Cheese Burgler; Little Red School Mouse; Scrappily Married; and Fifth Column Mouse.

Vol 5: Dick Whittington’s Cat, Fin n Catty, Gold Rush Daze, and Have You Got Any castles.

Vol 6: The Dover Boys At Pimento Univ, Leprechaun’s Gold, Pantry Panic, and Robin Hood Makes Good.

Vol 7: Croon Crazy (black & white); Dancing In The Moon (black & white); Doggone Tired; Gumbasia (an early attempt at claymation that lead to the creation of Gumby).

Vol 8: It’s A Greek Life; Jerkey Turkey; Opening Night; Presto Change-o.

Vol 9: Hawaiian Birds; A Car-Tune Portrait; Peeping Penguins; Play Safe.

Vol 10: Toonerville Picnic; The Story Of Time; Trolley Ahoy; The Little Red School Mouse


Classic Fairy Tales Vol 1

Each volume features fairy tales from different countries. Each is available on VCD.

Vol 1: Robin Hood (England); Aladdin's Lamp (Arabia); and The Spirit In The Bottle (Germany).

Vol 2: Little Red Riding Hood (France); The Rainbow Bird (South America); and The Three Wishes (England).


Defenders Of Space

A group of kids makes friends with a giant robot that can change its shape (think copyright infringed Transformers) to save Earth from an evil space tyrant. Color. Available On VCD.


Fine Arts Productions Vol 1

This is a collection of animations by Fine Arts Productions. All of the cartoons feature narrations, and in some cases, voices, by celebrities from the era (1960’s & 70’s). Featured on this tape are: The Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County (Lorne Greene); Hailstones And Halibut (Celeste Holmes); The Early Birds (Johnathan Winters, who also wrote the cartoon and does all of the voices); The Fish And The Burning Stone (E.G. Marshall); and Darvis Green And His Flying Machine (Edwin Newman). Color. Various Years. Available on VCD.


Gulliver’s Travels

This is the 1939 animated version of Jonathan Swift’s classic book. As with the majority of film translations, this version only features Gulliver’s adventure in Lilliput (there were two other lands. One where he was tiny, and the other had talking horses. No, NOT Mr. Ed). This film was produced by Max Fleischer (famous for his old black and white Popeye cartoons) and directed by his brother, Dave. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Song and Best Score). The film itself was made over a 20 month period and employed over 700 artists. It later became the influence for a series of TV cartoons. Color. Available on VCD.


Hansel & Gretel

This is the 1954 award winning animated telling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel. The animation is done with kinemins (1/3 life size figures. Think claymation on a larger scale). The awards include the Parents Magazine Medal for Movie of the Month, and Best Sound Track by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Color. Available on VCD.


Little Lulu

This title features 9 classic cartoons featuring Marge’s Little Lulu. The cartoons are Bargain Counter Attack, Bored Of Education, A Bout With A Trout, Cad And Caddy, Chick And Double Chick, The Dog Show Off, Loose In A Caboose, Musical Lulu, and A Scout With The Gout. Available on VCD.



Each volume features four or five color cartoons from this classic series from the 1950's & 60's. For those not familiar with Mel‑O‑Toons, they used to take recordings of classic fables and fairy tales from around the world (in other words, children's records), and animate them.  All of the cartoons are in English. Each volume is available on VCD.

VOL 1:  Hansel and Gretel; The Flying Carpet; Omicron and the Sputnik; Peer Gynt's Adventures on the Stormy Sea. 

VOL 2: Ali Baba, 1960; Tom Sawyer; The Enchanted Horse; The Magic Clock; Sparky's Magic Voice.

VOL 3: Paul Bunyon; Christopher Columbus, a musical history lesson from 1960; Hunters Of The Sea, a whaling history lesson from 1960; The Seasons, a Greek mythological story.

VOL 4: David and Goliath; Daniel Bone; Peer Gynt In The Hall Of The Mountain King; and Noah's Ark.

VOL 5: Diana & The Golden Apples; Little Hawk, a Native American story; Panchito, the musical story of a Mexican boy; and Robin Hood.


Popeye: Each volume contains four classic Popeye cartoons. All are available on VCD.

Vol 1: Everyone’s favorite spinach eating sailor is the star of this cartoon collection. Featured on this tape are: Private Eye Popeye, where our sailor takes a stab at working as a detective; Parlez Vouz Woo, where Bluto disguises himself as a French TV love counselor to seduce Olive; and Spree Lunch, where Bluto opens a diner across the street from Popeye’s. Color. Various years.

Vol 2: This tape features four more classic Popeye cartoons. On this tape are: Greek Mirthology, Where Popeye tells the story of his ancestor, Hercules; Cooking With Gags, Where Olive insists that Popeye allow Bluto to pull practical jokes on him; I Don’t Scare, Where Popeye tries to convince Olive that all superstitions are bunk; and Spooky Swabs, Where a shipwrecked Olive and Popeye find a ghost ship. Color.

Vol 3: A Haul In One, which has moving men Popeye and Bluto trying to steal Olive’s business; Out To Punch, where Bluto tries to sabotage Popeye’s fight training; Popeye The Sailor Meets Sinbad The Sailor, which features Bluto as Sinbad, and The Crystal Brawl, where Popeye disguises himself as a fortune teller in order to show Olive that Bluto is really a bad guy.

Vol 4: Abusement Park, where Popeye and Bluto fight over Olive at an amusement park; Ancient Fistory, which has Popeye and Bluto fighting in ancient medieval times; Floor Flusher, where Bluto keeps destroying the plumbing repairs that Popeye made for olive, and Fright To The Finish, which has Bluto playing halloween tricks on Popeye.

Vol 5: This title features Gopher Spinach; The Crystal Brawl; Nearly Weds; and Taxi Turvi.

Vol 6: This title features Popeye For President; Insect To Injury; Assult And Flattery; and Swee’ Pea. The first three cartoons are in color, while Swee’ Pea is in black and white.


Sing‑A‑Long Cartoons

Each volume is a collection of cartoons from the 1940's and 50's featuring a “bouncing ball” sing-a-long.  The following volumes are available on VCD.

Vol 2: The four cartoons on this volume are: Farm Frolics, which features She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain; The Big Flame Up, which has the song They’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight; The Emerald Isle, featuring the song MacNamara’s Band; and The Mild West, featuring the song I’m An Old Cowhand.

Vol 3: Gobs Of Fun; Jingle Jangle Jungle; Old MacDonald Had A Farm; The GoalRush.

Vol 4: Heap Hep Injuns; Little Brown Jug; The Big Drip; The Funshine State.


VIP My Brother Superman

Bruno Bozzetto (Allegro Non Troppo) looks at the personal lives of Superheroes. Italian. Available on DVD.


The World Of Hans Christian Andersen

This is a very fictionalized story of Andersen as a boy, and how he developed his beloved characters. Available on DVD.







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