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Africa Screams

Abbott and Costello travel to Africa in this 1949 comedy classic. It also features Shemp Howard and Joe Besser (from the Three Stooges) and    Max Baer (father of Jethro Boudin from The Beverly Hillbillies). Black and white. Available on VCD & DVD.


Amazing Adventure

Cary Grant stars in this 1937 comedy about a millionaire that poses as a chauffeur to win a bet. Black and White. Available on VCD.


At War With The Army

This 1950 comedy has Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin singing, dancing and laughing through World War 2. Based on a play by James Allardice. The movie also starts Pilly Bergin and Mike Kellin. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Bellboy

Jerry Lewis made his directing debut in this 1960 comedy. There isn’t a plot to the movie, just a lot of good jokes, as well as a few cameos by legendary comics such as Milton Berle. Black & white. Available on VCD.



Is Cary Grant a con man after a newly widowed woman’s fortune, or is he the brother of a man that was killed by her husband’s killer? A confusing sentence for a confusing plot line (and that’s confusing in a GOOD way). Color. 1963. Available on VCD.


A Chump At Oxford

Laurel & Hardy go to England to get an education. While there, they learn that Stan is really a long lost Lord with a bad temper. 1940. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Comedy Double Features

All double features have two movies, and are ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: This title has two full-length movies. The Road To Hollywood - A mockumentary about Bing Crosby’s life, using footage from some of his earlier films.  The Time Of Your Life - James Cagney stars as a man that’s enjoying life to the fullest from his seat at a bar & grill. The movie also stars William Bendix, Broderick Crawford, Ward Bond, and Jeanne Cagney.

Vol 2: Pot O’ Gold - James Stewart is the nephew of a man that hates music, as well as the family of Jimmy’s girlfriend (black & white); Who Killed Doc Robbin - A group of kids has to prove that an atomic scientist didn’t commit murder (color)

Vol 3: Country Gentlemen - A pair of con artists are selling real stock to a bad oil well; It’s A Joke, Son - A Southern politician has to run against his wife.


Father’s Little Dividend

The original movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. For those unfamiliar with the movie, or the remake with Steve Martin, this is a very well told comedy about a man that refuses to admit he’s getting older, even as his grown daughter announces that she’s pregnant. This is the sequel to Father of the Bride (also remade with Steve Martin), but predates the TV series. 1951. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Flying Deuces

Join Laurel and Hardy as they join the French Foreign Legion. This film has plenty of classic Laurel and Hardy lines, stunts and laughter. Features Ollie singing Shine On, Harvest Moon. 1939. Black and White. Available on VCD & DVD.


The Gorilla

The Ritz Brothers are hired to find a killer known as The Gorilla. Despite all their best hi-jinx, can they nab him? And just what does Bela Lugosi have to do with all of this? But the movie and find out. 1939. Available on VCD.


Hook, Line, And Sinker

Wheeler and Woolsey star as a pair of insurance salesmen that end up helping a widow and her daughter run a hotel. 1930. Black and white. Available on VCD.


In Society

Abbott and Costello are two plumbers on the run from a loan shark in this brilliant 1944 comedy. Included is the classic “Saskatchewan Hat Company” routine. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Love Laughs At Andy Hardy

Andy returns home from his hitch in the Army, believing that nothing has changed while he was away. It doesn’t take him too long to figure out that almost nothing is the same as he left it, including his love life. 1946. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Medicine Man

Jack Benny stars as a traveling snake oil man that falls in love with the daughter of a bitter widower. Benny is nothing like his usual penny pinching character in this 1930 melodrama. Available on DVD.


My Dear Secretary

Kirk Douglas stars as a womanizing writer that hires a secretary (Laraine Day) just because of her looks. Obviously, they didn’t have discrimination laws back then. 1948. Black and white. Available on VCD.


My Favorite Brunette

Bob Hope stars as a would-be detective in this 1947 comedy classic. The movie also features Lon Chaney Jr, Peter Lorre and Dorothy Lamour. Black and white. Available on VCD & DVD.


The Naughty Nineties

Abbott & Costello star in this 1945 film about a couple of river boat performers trying to save their captain from a gang of con men. The team also perform their famous “Who’s On First” routine. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Nothing Sacred

Carole Lombard and Fredric March star in this 1937 story of a lady reporter that uses a small town girl’s reputation to her advantage. The girl is supposed to be deathly ill, and the paper wants to write a series of articles on her illness as her death approaches. One of the many movies to use this premise. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Pot O’ Gold

Jimmy Stewart stars in this 1941 musical inspired by Romeo & Juliet. He plays a small town music teacher that’s forced to move to the big city when his store goes bankrupt. His rich, music hating uncle is determined to turn him into a business man, despite Jimmy’s budding romance with a poor singer. Available on VCD.


Private Buckaroo

Shemp Howard, Harry James and his orchestra, The Andrew Sisters, and a plethora of others from the period star in this World War II comedy. As you might have guessed, there’s plenty of period music as well. Black and white. 1942. Available on VCD.


Road To Bali

Bob Hope, Bing Cosby and Dorothy Lamour sing, dance, and joke their way to Bali in this color feature (it's also the only color Road film). Carolyn Jones also makes her screen debut in this film. 1952. Available on VCD.


Road To Rio

Cosby and Hope are musicians who have to save an heiress from a hypnotist that’s out to steal her estate. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Stolen Jools

In April of 1931, Chesterfield Cigarettes, along with the NVA (National Variety Artists), distributed this short film to theaters for free. They did this to help promote awareness and raise funding for  the Tuberculosis Sanatarium in Saranac Lake, New York (now the Will Rogers Hosital For Respiratory Diseases). It stars a plethora of stars from the era, including (but not necessarily limited to) Wheeler & Woolsey, Laurel & Hardy, The Little Rascals, Barbara Stanwyck, Wallace Beery, Jack Hill, George E. Stone, J. Farrell MacDonald, El Brendel, Hedda Hopper, Norma Shearer, Polly Moran, Joan Crawford, William Haines, Dorothy Lee, Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Charlie Murray, George Sidney, Winnie Lighter, Fifi D’Orsay, Warner Baxter, Irene Dunne, Claudia Dell, Gary Cooper, Lowell Sherman, Eugene Pallette, Buddy Rogers, Skeets Gallagher, Wynne Gibson, Charles Butterworth, Maurice Chevalier, Richard Barthelmess, Benn Lyon, Bebe Daniels, Frank Fay, Fay Wray, Little Billy, George “Gabby” Hayes, Edward G. Robinson, Buster Keaton, The Keystone Kops, Richard Dix, Stuart Erwin, Loretta Young, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Eddie Kane, Jackie Oakie, and Mitzie Green. If I missed anyone, it’s only because I lost the notes I took as I watched it, and I’m too lazy to put it in the player just to get the end credits. Available on VCD.


Swing Parade Of 1946

The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry & Curly) star in this musical comedy about a young woman that’s trying to break into show business at a club owned by a man who’s father is trying to keep the club from opening. Available on VCD.


Tillie’s Punctured Romance

Chaplin plays a big city con man trying to milk a young farm girl out of her money. Silent. Black and white. 1914. Available on VCD.


Topper Returns

One of Hollywood’s earlier sequels finds Cosmo Topper confronting the ghost of a friend, in order to help her find her body, as well as who killed her. Although the film is funnier than the TV series, it just didn’t seem as well crafted as the earlier two films (Topper and Topper Takes A Trip). There are a few good jokes about other movies (Pot O’ Gold) and celebrities (Jack Benny) hidden in the film. 1941. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Utopia - AKA - Atoll K - Robinson Crusoeland

Laurel and Hardy get shipwrecked in their last film together. The story has a subtle moral about why we all need laws hidden in it. However, it’s hard to pay attention once you realize that all of the actors (except for Stan and Ollie) are lip synching. The film was made in France with native, non-English speaking actors. As such, their lines were dubbed in after the filming was over. 1950. Black and white. Available on VCD.


W.C. Fields Shorts

Each volume contains a collection of shorts featuring W.C. Fields, and is available on VCD.

Vol 1: The Dentist; The Fatal Glass Of Beer; and The Golf Specialists. Various years

Vol 2 : The Pharmacist, The Barbershop, and Pool Shark. Pool Shark is silent from 1915, but has a musical score. Various years.




The Current Clip






This is a scene from My Favorite Brunette









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