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The Amazing Transparent Man

This film features some decent special effects for a 1960, black and white movie. The plot involves an American Army Major that wants to create an army of invisible soldiers to overthrow the U.S.A. Very campy, but that's what makes it so much fun to watch. Available on VCD.


The Ape

Boris Karloff stars as a scientist that is determined to find a cure for paralysis. Unfortunately, he needs human spinal fluid to create his cure. And of course, that means that he needs bodies. Unfortunately for him, he kills the trainer of an ape, which then seeks vengeance on Karloff. 1940. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Ape Man

Bela Lugosi is a genetic scientist that accidentally de-evolves himself into a talking gorilla. 1943. Available on VCD.


Attack Of  The Monsters

Gamera stars in this Japanese story of a monster that wants to save the Earth from a race of brain eating people and their pet giant monster. Color. 1969. Available on VCD & DVD.


Atom Age Vampire

A scientist discovers a formula that totally repairs scars and skin damage. Unfortunately, it also turns him into a monster that needs to kill women. This is a French film that is dubbed in English. Black & white. Available on VCD & DVD.


Bela Lugosi Double Feature

Each double feature has two complete movies. They are only available on DVD.

Vol 1: - Bela Lugois Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla - A Martin & Lewis rip off act lands on a tropical island, and Bela turns the Martin impersonator into a talking gorilla; The Return Of Chandu - This is one of the two movies that was edited from the Chandu serial

Vol 2: - The Corpse Vanishes - Bela plays a scientist that tries to prevent his wife from aging by using stolen blood; Invisible Ghost - Someone is killing people in the middle of the night


The Black King

A con man posing as a Deacon tricks an all black church out of their money. This is an All American production from 1932. For those unfamiliar with All American, the studio used all Black casts and production crews in an era when most studios wouldn’t hire them. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Blood Tide

James Earl Jones stars in this movie about treasure hunters that stumble onto a cult that feeds virgins to a monster. Available on DVD.


Bloody Pit Of Horror

A madman who thinks he’s the reincarnation of a vicious executioner tortures his guests to death. Inspired by the writings of the Marque de Sade. Available on VCD.


A Bucket Of Blood

A Roger Corman classic that was filmed in just five days. That’s only three days longer then A Little Shop Of Horrors. Stars Dick Miller as a sculptor that finds a revolutionary new use for models. 1959. Black and White. Available on VCD.


C.C. & Company

Joe Namath stars in this motorcycle classic. He plays a biker that is tired of the road, and wants to settle down with Ann Margret. The trouble is, his gang leader doesn’t want him to leave. He also thinks that C.C. should hand over everything he owns. This is the original version of the movie. It was later edited down to get a PG rating. It features a soundtrack by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. (Yes, the song C.C. Rider is the title song for this film). 1970. Available on VCD.


Carnival Of Souls – AKA – Corridors Of Evil

This 1962 horror classic is the tale of a young woman that unwillingly switches back and forth between the world of the living, and some sort of death dimension. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Cat People

This is the original 1942 cult classic about a group of people that turn into panthers to breed. Available on VCD.


Censored Cartoon Classics

Each volume contains 11 cartoons that were banned or censored at some point in the US. Looking back at some of them with 21st century eyes, it’s hard to tell what was offensive about them. Some of them were too “spicy” for the era, such as Betty Boop’s garter belt. Others have racial stereotypes, wartime propaganda, cruelty to animals, or whatever else the censors didn’t like at the time (or now). They are offered in this section, instead of Animation, because they are only being offered to collectors,  as well as for those that either want to see how things were viewed back then, or want to use them as an example of how things used to be. I an not offering them to promote any specific political, sexual, or racial statement. Each volume is only available on DVD.

Vol 1: Africa Squeaks; The Ducktators; Fresh Hare; Have You Got Any Castles; Hitler’s Children; Jasper And The Haunted House; Uncle Tom And Little Eva; Life Begins For Andy Panda; Little Black Sambo; Mother Goose Goes Hollywood; Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat


Cleo Leo

A misogynist is shot, and falls into a river. Soon, he wakes up in the body of what he hated most, a woman. Now, (s)he has to find a way to reclaim the company that he built up, and deal with living life as a woman. Basically, a film “inspired” by Where’s Charlie. Only available on DVD.


Creature From The Haunted Sea

Roger Corman produced and directed this horror parody from 1960. The story involves a group of secret agents from the US and Cuba, along with some gangsters, trying to smuggle treasure out of Cuba. The monster doesn’t like the route that they’re using, so he decides to pick them off one by one. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Cult Classics Double Features

All double features have two movies, and are ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1:  The Violent Years (black & white) - Jean Moorehead stars as the leader of a girl gang in this Ed Wood movie; Swamp Women (color) - This Roger Corman classic is about a woman cop infiltrates a girl gang that hide a small fortune of diamonds in the swamp

Vol 2: Battle Of The Worlds - Bill Carter, Claude Rains, and Maya Brent star in this early special effects masterpiece; The Phantom Empire - If you love sci-fi westerns, but can’t stand sitting through all of the plot re-hashing at the beginning of each chapter in a serial, then you might want to check out this highly condensed version of the serial

Vol 3: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die - When a doctor’s fiancée is killed in a car wreck, he saves her head in order to transplant it onto another woman’s body; Bloodlust! - Oliver Reed stars as a young man that gets stranded on an island with a hunter that sees him as prey

Vol 4: Svengali - A hypnotist is making a young woman his slave; Sweeny Todd - A barber is killing people, then selling the bodies to a baker for meat pies

Vol 5: Horrors Of Spider Island - A promoter and his dance troupe are stranded on a strange island with a giant spider; The Wasp Woman - An aging female executive takes an experimental drug to make herself young again

Vol 6: Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet - Roger Corman edited footage from "Planeta Burg" (A Russian film) with "Queen of Blood" (his own movie) to provide special effects and footage to this movie; Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women - Basically the same movie, but with women and a pterodactyl added


The Curse Of The Cat People

This is the sequel to the original, 1942 Cat People. This time, the story involves ghosts instead of cats. 1944. Available on VCD.


The Curse Of The Queerwolf

A man is bitten by a dickenthorpe, and now turns into a drag queen when the moon is full. Yes, this is a parody of The Wolfman. Only available on DVD.


Dead Men Walk

A doctor is forced to kill his twin brother in self defense. However, the twin was dabbling in the dark arts, and came back as a vampire to extract revenge. 1943. Black and white. Available on VCD.



Tony LoBianco, Sandy Dennis, and Sylvia Sidney star in this story of a random group of people that start killing for no apparent reason. The only connection is that they said, “God told me to.” Look for Andy Kaufman as a cop that joins the group. Available on DVD.



Considered by many to be the most accurate account of Ed Gein. Other movies based on his life include Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A strong sense of dark humor helps to get through the movie. Due to excessive blood and adult language, situations and nudity, you must be 18 or older to buy this movie. 1974. Color. Available on VCD.


Destroy All Planets

Gamera has learned to love humans for what their worth (and not just their taste) in this 1968 Japanese classic. Color. Available on VCD & DVD.


Devil Girl From Mars

A woman from Mars (big surprise) lands in England to find breeding material. Basically the plot for Mars Needs Women. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Devil’s Rain

A collection of actors on their way down in popularity team up with a group of actors on their way up to star in this horror movie. The main premise of the movie is that a Satanic cult is stealing the souls of innocent people, then storing the souls in an urn. Another man owns the list of souls, and can possibly free them if he’s strong enough. The movie stars William Shatner, Eddie Albert, Ernest Borgnine, Keenan Wynn, John Travolta, Joan Prather, and Ida Lupino. Available on DVD.


Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde

This is the 1972 Hammer production that turned lovable ol’ doc Jekyll into a murderous woman. Available on VCD.


Dungeon Of Harrow

Golden Age comic book artist Pat Boyette directed and co-wrote this cult classic film. The story features a young aristocrat that is trapped on Count DeSade’s island and is imprisoned, tortured, and basically treated bad. Color. 1962. Available on VCD.



Arch Hall Jr sings and plays his guitar as his girlfriend and her father are kidnapped by a Giant left over from Biblical times. How did the giant live so long? Sulfer water! Color. 1962. Available on VCD.


The Fast And The Furious

Sorry, but this isn’t a Vin Diesel movie. This is the 1954 story of a man on the run from the police, using a stolen car, complete with its kidnaped owner. The movie stars John Ireland and Dorothy Malone. It is also the second film directed by Roger Corman. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Fatal Games

Someone is killing off the student body of an academy for future athletes. Yep, they really go to a college like that in this movie. Available on DVD.

First Spaceship on Venus

An international (and inter-racial) team of scientists goes to Venus in search of life. Color. 1960. Available on VCD.


Frankenstein Created Woman

Dr Frankenstein enlists the help of an alcoholic doctor to learn the secret of trapping souls. They then transplant the soul of their assistant into the body of his girlfriend, who had just committed suicide. Color. 1967. Available on VCD.



This is Tod Browning’s classic horror tale featuring a cast composed of circus sideshow performers. 1932. Available on VCD.


Gammera The Invincible

Gammera gets his first starring role in this 1965 story of a giant, fire breathing turtle that flies, who just doesn’t get any respect. Sort of like a reptilian Rodney Dangerfield. Black & white. Available on VCD & DVD.


Ginger In The Morning

Sissy Spacek makes her big screen debut in this 1973 story of a divorced, middle-aged establishment figure that falls for an 18 year old hitchhiking hippie girl. One of the better pro sub-culture movies of the era. Available on DVD. 


Glen Or Glenda

Ed Wood Jr stars in this transgendered classic from 1953. The two short stories as told by a psychiatrist and Bela Lugosi’s “God” are about a transsexual that has to come to grips with her life, and a transvestite that has to convince his fiancée that he’s a perfectly normal guy that just likes to dress up in her clothing. This is the FULL VERSION, that has the “bondage” scene that is often missing from the movie. Black & white. Available on VCD & DVD.



This 1961 British version of Godzilla is surprisingly good. The monster suits are just as cheesy, but the London background ads a few new items for Gorgo and his mother to destroy. Color. Available on VCD.


Hi De Ho

Cab Calloway stars as “himself” (his character is actually a struggling singer with the same name) in this 1947 All American production. He sings a sequel to his hit song, Minnie The Moocher. The film also features Dusty Fletcher, Ida James, Jeni Le Gon, the Peters Sisters, the Miller Brothers & Lois. Black and white. Available on VCD.


I Walked With A Zombie

A young nurse gets involved with a voodoo cult in Haiti. 1943. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Invaders From Mars

This is the original, 1953, bubble gum card inspired movie. For those that are interested (or not), Jimmy Hunt, who stars as the boy that uncovers the alien conspiracy, also plays the sheriff in the 1986 remake. Available on DVD.


Jack Nicholson Double Feature

This DVD has two cult classics featuring some of Jack Nicholson’s earliest roles. The first movie is The Wild Ride - Jack stars as the leader of a teenage gang that’s more interested in street racing than life itself. The second title is The Little Shop Of Horrors - This is Nicholson’s first movie performance. Both movies are black & white. Only Available on DVD.


Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter

The legendary gunslinger meets the decedent of the famous monster maker, Dr. Frankenstein. As luck would have it, Jesse’s partner is shot dead, just as she needs a new body for her monster. Available on DVD.



Peter Boyle, Dennis Patrick and Susan Sarandon star in this 1970 anti-drug, anti-non-drug film. The story revolves around a business man who’s daughter gets involved with a dealer (the anti-drug part). He then meets up with Joe, who’s basically an Archie Bunker type with an attitude and a gun (this is the anti-anti-drug part. See, everyone’s portrayed badly here, so every one can be equally offended). Available on VCD.


The Killer Shrews

A scientist discovers a way to enlarge (and anger) shrews. You don’t have to look too closely to see that most of the shrews are dogs with masks. Really. 1959. Black and white. Available on VCD.


King Of The Zombies

This has got to be one of the funniest cult classics out there. And the best part? It’s actually SUPPOSED to be funny! The story involves a mad scientist that is turning men into zombies through hypnotism. The movie stars Dick Purcell, Mantan Moreland, Henry Victor, John Archer, Patricia Stacey and Joan Woodbury. 1941. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Lady Frankenstein - AKA - La Figlia di Frankenstein

The daughter of Victor Von decides to take a crack at her father’s experiments. Only this time, she’s out to build the “perfect” man. At least, sexually perfect. Due to brief nudity and gore, you must be 18 or older to order this title. 1972. Available on VCD.


Laser Mission

Brandon Lee stars as a special agent that has to destroy an enemy weapon. Available on VCD.


Last Man On Earth

Vincent Price is the last human on an Earth that has been over run by vampires. This movie was remade in 1971 as The Omega Man, with Charlton Heston as the last human. 1964. Black and white. Available on VCD.



This 1934 movie was loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat. Originally, this movie could only be seen at burlesque houses, since it shows a woman’s nipple. Available on VCD.


The Manster

While on assignment to interview a scientist in Tokyo, a reporter is mutated into a two-headed monster. The reason that the movie is titled Manster is because the second head isn’t human, it’s a monster. Available on VCD.


The Minds Snatchers

Christopher Walken stars in this story about a medical experiments that are being done on soldiers by the U.S. Army. The film is based on the Broadway play, The Happiness Cage. Available on DVD.


Monster From A Prehistoric Planet

A group of scientists stumble on an egg from a prehistoric monster. The movie features special effects by Akira Watanabe, who worked on the original Godzilla movies. Available on DVD.


Monster From Green Hell

An experimental rocket carrying radioactive material mutates a swarm of wasps into giants. 1958. Available on VCD.


The Monster Maker

A mad (aren’t they all) scientist mutates a man in order to steal his fiancé. Low budget, but interesting make up. 1944. Black and White. Available on VCD & DVD.


My Son The Vampire - AKA - Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire

Bela Lugosi stars as a gun wielding, Nazi sympathizing vampire (really) in this 1952 British comedy. This was originally part of the "Old Mother Riley" series of films. It was also released as Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire, The Vampire And The Robot, Vampire Over London and Mother Riley Meets The Vampire. It is the same film, without any footage added or removed. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Night Of The Living Dead

This is the original, black and white version of the 1968 George Romero classic. For those that haven’t heard of it (living in a cave somewhere?), a comet has passed the Earth’s atmosphere, and now all of the recently dead people everywhere have come back to life, searching for tasty brains to munch on. Obviously, this wasn’t filmed in D.C. The zombies would have starved to death. Available on VCD.


The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues

An oceanographer and a government investigator team up to solve a series of murders. As it turns out, the murders are caused by a sea monster guarding a uranium mine. If that isn’t enough to interest you, there’s also a sexy Russian spy that’s trying to blackmail the monster’s creator. 1956. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Phantom From Space

A radioactive, invisible space man crash lands on earth. After accidentally killing someone in what he thought was self-defense, he is hunted down by the local authorities. Produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder (Billy Wilder’s brother). Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Phantom Planet

Think Gulliver’s Travels in space. A pilot is forced to crash on an asteroid populated by tiny people. As a result, they shrink him down to their size in order to keep him stranded there. 1961. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Reefer Madness -- A.K.A. – Tell Your Children

This is the 1938 movie that convinced American lawmakers to make marijuana illegal. The “facts” are distorted, and often made up. Then again, this is a propaganda film, NOT a documentary. This film was also released as Tell Your Children, but does not have any footage added or removed. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Robot Monster In 3D

This is the sci fi version of The Wizard Of Oz. A young boy hits his head in a cave, and dreams that he and his family are the last surviving humans. They’re being hunted by Ro-Man and his strange race of beings that look like gorillas with diving helmets. This is the blue / red 3D version of the film, but it doesn’t come with the glasses. Sorry, but I just don’t have any to sell. Black & white with red / blue 3D. 1953. Available on VCD.


Robot VS. Aztec Mummy

In this corner, weighing in at a quarter of a ton is Robot, the American creation. And in this corner, weighing in as bandaged dust is the Mummy, defender of the ancient tombs. Who will win? Who will care? Made in Mexico. 1959. Available on VCD.


Scared To Death

Bela Lugosi in living (or is that undead?) color. A woman tells the events that led to her death. Also stars George Zucco, Douglas Fowley, Nat Pendleton and Joyce Compton. 1947. Available on VCD.


Spooks Run Wild

Bela Lugosi teams up with the East Side Kids in this 1941 comedy. There's a killer on the loose, and the kids think it's Bela. Worse, he might just be a vampire. The movie features Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, Dave O'Brien, David Gorcey and Angelo Rossitto. Black and white. Available on VCD.



This is the movie that the word svengali came from. The story is of course ridiculous, since hypnosis can’t make a person do something that s/he is opposed to. But then again, the movie was made in 1931, when Hollywood didn’t have to make believable stories to have a hit. The movie stars John Barrymore as Sven. Available on VCD.


Teenage Zombies

A group of teens stumble unto a mad scientists’s lair. Now it’s up to them to save her victims and get to the authorities in time. Think Scooby Do without the talking dog or rubber masks. Unintentionally funny, though. Available on VCD.

The Terror

Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff star in this ghost story set in France. Jack is an officer in Napoleon’s army, trying to prove that Karloff is housing a ghost in his castle. Roger Corman directed this movie in three days (and it shows). He recycled as many of the sets as possible from The Raven, which he had just completed. The sets were literally being torn down as the movie was being made. 1963. Color. Available on VCD.


Vampyr - AKA - Vampyre

This is the German 1932 classic vampire tale based on the Sheridan Le Fanu story, Carmilla. It is in German, but has American subtitles & story cards, which makes it look as if it’s half silent, half “talkie. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Vampire Happening

A Hollywood starlet inherits a castle that’s also the home of a vampire party animal that happens to look like her. Soon, no one knows which is which, as the vampire takes advantage of the situation. I believe the movie is Italian. It has been dubbed into English. Color. Available on DVD.


War Of The Monsters

Gamera saves the world from the giant monster Barugon. 1966. Available on VCD.


The Woman Inside

A transsexual comes back from fighting in Viet Nam, ready to get sexual reassignment surgery. While she’s undergoing her hormone replacement therapy, she must face life with a sexist aunt, and a bully from her past life as a man. Incidentally, the transsexual was played by a woman, just as Felicity Huffman starred in Transamerica. The difference here is, she wasn’t made up to look masculine as a woman. The movie stars Gloria Moon, Dane Clark, and Joan Blondell. 1983. Available on VCD.




The Current Clip









This is a clip from Voyage To A Prehistoric Planet. It is available on Cult Classics Double Feature Vol 6







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