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9 Men From Hell - AKA - The Nuremburg Trials

It seems to me that it should be hard to make a documentary about the Nazi war trials sound like a propaganda film, yet Howard Goldin did it with ease. The documentary uses actual footage from the trials, as well as both US and captured German film to piece together the events of World War II and the aftermath. Unfortunately, the narration is often campy, making it sound as if the film doesn’t take the subject matter seriously. The best (worst?) example of this is at the end, when the director issues a warning to “all future warmongers.” Did he really think that Osama bin Ladin was going to watch this, much less listen to his warning? Black & white.


Appointment In Tokyo

This 1945 documentary chronicles MacArthur’s advancement to the Philippines. If that isn’t interesting enough for you, the film uses film that was captured from the Japanese. Available on VCD.


The Beatles’ Travels

This is a collection of news footage covering the Beatles and their fans. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Beatles Unauthorized

This video features some rare footage of the Beatles, from their earlier days. Some of the footage includes Pete Best on the game show, I’ve Got A Secret, an interview filmed just before their last concert, an interview with Jimmy Nicol, and concert footage. Black & white. Various years. Available on VCD.


Chariots Of The Gods

This New Age documentary explores the possibility that Earth was populated by aliens thousands of years ago. Available on DVD.


December 7, 1941

Director John Ford used actual footage shot by the US Navy to make this short documentary about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the effects that it had on both the veterans stationed there as well as the civillians living near by. Available on VCD.


Fun With The Fab Four

This video features news reel footage about the Beatles. Other footage includes a comedy sketch featuring the Beatles, press conferences, Pete Best and Jimmy Nicols. Black and white. Various Years. Available on VCD.


Go For A Ride: Roller Coaster Thrills

This is a “travelog” of roller coaster rides from five different US amusement parks. The rides featured are: Colossus & Shock Wave, from Magic Mountain; The Accelerator & Texas Cyclone in Astroworld; Vortex & Racer from King’s Island; The Big Bad Wolf & The Loch Ness Monster from Busch Gardens in Virginia; and The Twister from Elitch Gardens. Available on VCD.


Laurel & Hardy Rarities Vol 1

This is a collection of rare and hard-to-find material featuring Stan Laurel & Oliver “Babe” Hardy. Included on this title are: Just Rambling Along, one of Stan Laurel’s first films with Hal Roach; Lucky Dog, the first time Stan & Ollie worked together; The Tree In A Test Tube, an educational film about how tree products are used in everyday life; U.K. Tour, a collection of newsreel footage of the boys in Europe; and Home Movies, a collection of home movies made by Laurel & Hardy themselves. Also included are six silent shorts from before they teamed up - Enough To Do; His Day Out; Just Rambling Along; Kid Speed; Oranges & Lemons; and The Paperhanger’s Helper. The shorts alternate between Stan & Ollie. This title includes silent, talking, black & white, and color footage. Available on DVD only.


Marx Brothers Rarities

This is a collection of rare clips involving the Marx Brothers, both as a team and as individuals. Some of the clips include a 1931 Broadway promotional film, commercials and scenes from their unfinished TV pilot, The Deputy Seraph. Available on VCD.


Our Gang Festival

This tape features rare footage (As well as common) featuring Our Gang characters. The tape has silent era footage from the original cast, a You Asked For It segment featuring the original gang as adults, a short featuring Alfalfa without the gang, and a movie theater ad for a bicycle. Various years. Available on VCD.


Pearl Harbor Payback

This documentary looks back on the unification of Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Rare Moments With The King

This video tribute to Elvis Presley features video clips from his early days as a performer, up until his death. Some of the clips include appearances on the Milton Berle Show, The Steve Allen Show, Hy Gardner, and the Wink Martindale Show. Other clips include footage of his army induction, his marriage, and his death. Color and black and white. Various years. Available on VCD.


Recognition Of The Japanese Zero

Ronald Reagan both stars and narrates this Army Air Force training film that informed troops how to tell a Japanese plane from an American one. Available on VCD.


Spectacular Disasters!

George (Mr. Sulu of Star Trek) Takei hosts this collection of newsreel footage of man made disasters. Some of the footage includes the Hindenburg, the luxury liner Lusitania, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and atomic bombs. Black & white with color. Available on VCD.


True Glory

This documentary about the Allied invasion of Europe during World War II won an Academy Award. It features actual footage taken by thousands of cameramen, and is narrated by General Dwight D. Eissenhower. The film covers everything from D-Day to the fall of Berlin. Available on DVD.


U.F.O. Chronicles

A study about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Hosted by Lee Majors. Available on VCD.





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