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All of the titles on this page have two movies or documentaries on them. Due to the length of these features, they are only available on DVD. As will all of the other titles, they are $10.00 in the US, including shipping. For Canadian orders, please add an additional 75 cents per titles. I will ship to other countries as well.




Bela Lugosi Double Features

Vol 1: Bela Lugois Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla - A Martin & Lewis rip off act lands on a tropical island, and Bela turns the Martin impersonator into a talking gorilla; The Return Of Chandu - This is one of the two movies that was edited from the Chandu serial

Vol 2: The Corpse Vanishes - Bela plays a scientist that tries to prevent his wife from aging by using stolen blood; Invisible Ghost - Someone is killing people in the middle of the night

Vol 3: The Ape Man - Bela stars as a scientist that accidentally turns himself into a gorilla; The Death Kiss - A movie set is the target of a killer


Christian Double Features

Vol 1: I Beheld His Glory - A Roman soldier on duty the day that Christ was crucified tells of his experience; The Power Of The Resurrection - The story of Christ’s crucifixion is told by Simon and Peter. Both are in color.


Cult Classics Double Features

Vol 1:  The Violent Years (black & white) - Jean Moorehead stars as the leader of a girl gang in this Ed Wood movie; Swamp Women (color) - This Roger Corman classic is about a woman cop infiltrates a girl gang that hide a small fortune of diamonds in the swamp.

Vol 2: Battle Of The Worlds - Bill Carter, Claude Rains, and Maya Brent star in this early special effects masterpiece; The Phantom Empire - If you love sci-fi westerns, but can’t stand sitting through all of the plot re-hashing at the beginning of each chapter in a serial, then you might want to check out this highly condensed version of the serial

Vol 3: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die - When a doctor’s fiancee is killed in a car wreck, he saves her head in order to transplant it onto another woman’s body; Bloodlust! - Oliver Reed stars as a young man that gets stranded on an island with a hunter that sees him as prey

Vol 4: Svengali - A hypnotist is making a young woman his slave; Sweeny Todd - A barber is killing people, then selling the bodies to a baker for meat pies

Vol 5: Horrors Of Spider Island - A promoter and his dance troupe are stranded on a strange island with a giant spider; The Wasp Woman - An aging female executive takes an experimental drug to make herself young again

Vol 6: Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet - Roger Corman edited footage from "Planeta Burg" (A Russian film) with "Queen of Blood" (his own movie) to provide special effects and footage to this movie; Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women - Basically the same movie, but with women and a pterodactyl added


Drama Double Features

Each double feature his two movies. Double features are ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD

Vol 1: Hometown Story - When a senator loses his seat, he takes over the newspaper of his hometown in order to raise his popularity. The movie stars Jeffery Lynn, Donald Crisp, Marilyn Monroe, and Alan Hale JR.; Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case - Yound Dr. Kildare uses an experimental technique to cure a man. The movie stars Lew Ayres, Laraine Day, and Lionel Barrymore.

Vol 2: Made For Each Other - James Steward and Carole Lombard marry after only knowing each other for a few days; Oliver Twist - The classic 1939 film version of the Charles Dickens novel.


The East Side Kids

Vol 1: Clancy Street Boys - Mugsy’s mother told her brother in-law that she had several kids, so he’d send her money on each of their birthdays. Now he wants to meet them in the flesh; Bowery Blitzkrieg - Mugsy is sponsored for the Golden Gloves by the police.


Frank Sinatra Double Feature

The Man With The Golden Arm - Frank plays a junkie that just got out of prison, and is trying everything he can to become a law abiding citizen; Suddenly - Frankie stars as an assassin out to kill the President of the United States.


Horror Double Features

Vol 1: House On Haunted Hill - This is the original, Vincent Price story of a man that pays his friends to stay the night in a haunted house; Tormented - After a man accidentally kills his girlfriend, she comes back to haunt him. Both movies are in black & white.

Vol 2: The Giant Gila Monster - A small Texas town is attacked by a giant, man eating Gila monster. As usual, the kids figured it out, but the adults don’t believe them (sounds like every episode of Scooby Doo to me). The Beast Of Yucca Flats - This is a rarely seen Tor Johnson movie. Both are black & white.


Jack Nicholson Double Feature

This DVD has two cult classics featuring some of Jack Nicholson’s earliest roles. The first movie is The Wild Ride - Jack stars as the leader of a teenage gang that’s more interested in street racing than life itself. The second title is The Little Shop Of Horrors - This is Nicholson’s first movie performance. Both movies are black & white.


John Wayne Double Features

Vol 1: The Angel And The Badman - John Wayne, Gail Russel, and Harry Carey star in this oater about a gunslinger that falls in love with a pacifist; The Lawless Frontier - John Wayne and George “Gabby” Hayes star in this 1934 western about a man out on a mission of revenge


Musical Double Features

Vol 1: Wild Guitar - Arch Hall Jr and Nancy Czar star in this story about the seedier side of the Rock ‘N’ Roll business; The Beatniks - A man that can sing wants to escape his gang and become a recording artist. Both are black & white.


Mystery & Suspense Double Features

Vol 1: Bluebeard - Women mysteriously start to die after they marry this man; The World Gone Mad - Has the D.A. gone bad?

Vol 2: The Amazing Mr. X - A woman needs to contact her dead husband. Can Mr. X help her?; The Bat - Vincent Price stars in this remake of the silent movie that inspired Bob Kane to create Batman.

Vol 3: Nancy Drew... Reporter - The young detective takes a course in journalism, and gets in over her head; The Kennel Murder Case - William Powell stars as Philo Vance to solve the murders at a prestigious kennel club







TV & Hard-To-Find Videos






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This is a clip from Twist Fever. It is available on Musical Double Features Vol 1.