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The Big Trees

Kirk Douglas stars as a lumber baron from Wisconsin in this1952 movie based on a true story. Kirk heads down to the red woods in California, where he meets opposition from a religious group that believes God doesnít wnat the tress to be cut down. Color. Available on VCD.


Blood On The Sun

An American reporter (James Cagney) gets involved in a political cover up in Japan. This film won an Academy Award for Best Interior Decoration. No wonder the shows are so long, if they give out all sort of silly classifications. Black and white. 1945. Available on VCD.



John Carradine stars in this 1944 tale of suspense. Carradine is an artist how kills his models the moment they show any sign of imperfection. Available on VCD.


Call It Murder

An early Humphrey Bogart movie, featuring a well‑written story about morality and family. Available on VCD.


Drama Double Features

Each double feature his two movies. Double features are ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD

Vol 1: Hometown Story - When a senator loses his seat, he takes over the newspaper of his hometown in order to raise his popularity. The movie stars Jeffery Lynn, Donald Crisp, Marilyn Monroe, and Alan Hale JR.; Dr. Kildareís Strange Case - Young Dr. Kildare uses an experimental technique to cure a man. The movie stars Lew Ayres, Laraine Day, and Lionel Barrymore.

Vol 2: Made For Each Other - James Steward and Carole Lombard marry after only knowing each other for a few days; Oliver Twist - The classic 1939 film version of the Charles Dickens novel.


Drums In The Deep South

Guy Madison stars as an officer in the U.S. Army during the Civil War that butts heads with a southern belle intent on keeping her husband from being killed by Madisonís outfit. All in all, a very unrealistic look at war. The movie also has a very pro-rebel feel to it throughout the movie. The movie also features James Craig, and Barbara Payton.1951. Color. Available on VCD.


Eternally Yours

David Nivens stars as a Houdini like magician/escape artist that canít stay out of the spot light long enough to satisfy his wife (Loretta Young). After she finally leaves him, he realizes that there is more to life than chains and handcuffs. Also stars Hugh Herbert, Broderick Crawford, and Eve Arden. B&W, 1939. Available on VCD & DVD.


Five Minutes To Live A.K.A. Door-To-Door Maniac

Johnny Cash & Victor Tayback star team up to con a banker into stealing from his bank. To ensure that the banker will go through with it, a singing, guitar playing, violent Cash holds his wife hostage. Look for a young Ron Howard as the bankerís son. This movie was also released as Door-To-Door Maniac. Black & white. Available on VCD & DVD.


Frank Sinatra Double Feature

This DVD has two classic movies starring Old Blue Eyes himself. The first movie is The Man With The Golden Arm. Frank plays a junkie that just got out of prison, and is trying everything he can to become a law abiding citizen. The second movie is Suddenly. Frankie stars as an assassin out to kill the President of the United States. This title is available on DVD only.


The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery

Steve McQueen stars as a young driver for a gang of bank robbers. The movie is based on an actual event. Available on DVD.


Guilty Conscience

Anthony Hopkins stars as a man thatís been caught cheating on his wife. Now she and his lover are planning their revenge. Available on DVD.


Honor Thy Father

This is a dramatic look at life in the Mafia. Other than the cast, there really isnít any difference between this movie and the other hundred Mafia movies. Written by Gay Talese & Lewis John Carlino. Stars Joseph Bologna, Raf Vallone, and Brenda Vaccaro. Available on DVD.


If I Were Free

Irene Dunne stars in this 1933 movie about a pair of lovers that each need to get a divorce before they can officially date. Available on VCD.



Anthony Hopkins stars as a psychotic magician/ventriloquist whose dummy talks him into murder. Also features Ann Margret and Burgess Meredith. 1978. Color. Available on VCD.


Oliver Twist

This is the 1933 version of Charles Dickensí classic tale of the mistreatment of orphans (and society). Available on VCD.


Penny Serenade

This 1941 classic stars Cary Grant and Irene Dunne as a newly wed couple that adopts a baby. A very moving drama. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Row Your Boat

Jon Bon Jovi stars as an ex-con that falls in love with the wife of a Chinese diplomat. Also starring William Forsythe and Bai Ling. Available on DVD.


The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorneís classic tale of unwed passion is brought to the silver screen. Since I still havenít read the book (itís number 157 on my to read list, between Mulch Piles For Morons and The Sex Life Of Pencils), I canít say how well it was adapted. I can say that Alan Hale did bring some nice comedy relief to this 1934 version. Also features Colleen Moore, Hardie Albright, Henry B. Walthall, Cora Sue Collins and Betty Blythe. Black and White. Available on VCD.


A Star Is Born

This is the original, 1937 version of the classic love story. For those unfamiliar with any of the three versions, an inspiring young actress meets a movie icon at the peak of his career. As her career starts to climb, his begins to fade. After a rocky marriage, the actor canít take being second to his wife and kills himself. Yes, Iím a bit jaded. Color. Available on VCD.


Three Came Home

Claudette Colbert stars in the real life story of a mother and son placed in a civilian Japanese prison camp during World War II. Black and white. 1950. Available on VCD.


The White Warrior

Steve Reeves stars as Hadji Murad, leader of a small group that wants to remove Czar Nicholas I from power. Available on VCD.






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