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Aliceís Adventures In Wonderland
This is probably the best adaptation of Lewis Carrollís classic novel. It features Fiona Fullerton as Alice, Peter Sellers as the March Hare, and Dudley Moore as the Doormouse. It also features sets designed by Michael Stringer (Fiddler on the Roof), cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth (2001: A Space Odyssey), and a musical score by John Barry (Dances With Wolves). British. 1972. Available on VCD & DVD.


Christmas Classics Vol 1
This volume features live action classics for the holidays. Included on this tape are: The Twelve Days Of Christmas, which is a Letís Have Music With Oscar Brand short; Cowboy Prayer, where Roy Rogers leads a prayer as part of his Roy Rogers Riderís Club; Christmas Fantasy, which features carols by famous singers of the 1940's/50's; and Itís Christmas Time, which features Abbott and Costello promoting Christmas Seals. Color and black and white. Various years.


The Inspector General

Danny Kaye sings, dances and jokes his way through this story of political corruption in a small Swiss (German?) Town. His character is a con manís assistant who gets arrested. While in jail, the town constable comes to the conclusion that Kaye is really the countryís Inspector General in disguise, spying on corrupt politicians. Color. 1949.


Lassie in the Painted Hills

After being given to a little boy as a Christmas present, a young boy must help Lassie find her previous owner. A classic story of love and pets. Color.


The Magic Christmas Tree

This story is sort of like The Wizard Of Oz Meets Santa Claus. A young boy falls out of a tree, and dreams of a witch that gives him a magic ring that lets him grow a magic Christmas Tree. The tree then agrees to not only grant him three wishes, but helps him to kidnap Santa as well. The movie is part color, part black and white. Look for a young Terry Bradshaw as well.


Our Gang Shorts

Each volume contains some of the best Our Gang (Little Rascals) shorts available.

Vol 1: Our Gang Follies: Alfalfa decides to give up crooning for opera. School's Out: Jackie Cooper fears his "true love," Miss Crabtree, is going to get married and leave the school. Bear Shooters: The gang goes camping, and ends up capturing two bank robbers.

Vol 2: Shiver My Timbers, which features Stymie and the gang joining a band of pirates; Choo-Choo!, where Spanky and the gang swap places with a group of orphans heading out west; Divot Diggers, where Spanky and the others get hired by a golf club to work as caddies; and Bored Of Education, which features Spanky and Alfalfa faking a tooth ache to get out of school. Black and white, various years.

Vol 3: Beginnerís Luck, which has a young Spanky and friend trying to get the big kids to let them tag along on a camping trip. Fly My Kite, which has the gang living with an elderly woman thatís being cheated by her adopted son. Honky Donkey, where the gang and their donkey makes friends with a rich kid. Reunion In Rhythm, which has several original members visiting the gang.

Vol 4: Hook And Ladder, where the gang are volunteer firemen; Spooky Hooky, where the older kids refuse to let the younger ones go camping with them; Teacherís Beau, where the gang meet their teacherís fiancee; and The First Round Up.


The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

This is a musical telling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairly tale. The entire script is in rhyme, along with plenty of singing and dancing. Sort of a kiddie opera with a happy ending. The movie features Van Johnson, Jim Backus, Oliver Drake, Lori Nelson, and Claude Rains. Color. Available on VCD.


The Return Of Rin Tin Tin

A young Robert Blake stars as a troubled orphaned boy who befriends Rin Tin Tin. The problem is that Rin is a show dog owned by a cold hearted man that mistreats his dogs.


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

A Martian father kidnaps Santa Claus in order to bring Christmas to Mars for his children. A movie that children of all ages can enjoy. 1964. Color.


Scrooge 1935

This is the 1935 British version of A Christmas Carole. The screenplay was written by Sir Seymour Hicks, who also stars as Scrooge. Black and white.


Shirley Temple Shorts

Each volume contains a collection of Shirley Temple shorts. All are in black & white.

Vol 1: War Babies, Kid ĎIní Africa, Doraís Dunking Doughnuts, and Pardon My Pups. Various years.

Vol 2: Polly Tix, Merrily Yours, Kiddiní Hollywood, and Glad Rags To Riches. There is also newsreel footage featuring Shirley on her birthday. Various years.



The East Side Kids (AKA The Bowery Boys, The Dead End Kids)

The following movies all feature The East Side Kids, and are in black & white:


Bowery Blitzkrieg

Huntz Hall makes his first appearance (out of 65 consecutive East Side / Bowery Boys movies) in this film. Keye Luke (Charlie Chanís #1 son) also appears as an Irish character named Clancy. The story is pretty much the same as all the rest of the films in the series. Mugs wants to be a professional boxer, Danny is also a boxer, has a tiff with Mugs... 1941.

Boys Of The City

The East End Kids (A.K.A. The Bowery Boys) are off to the woods in order to learn how to stay out of trouble. While there, they save a judge whoís life has been threatened. The main kids in this film are Glimpy, Danny and Scruno.

Clancy Street Boys

Mugs has to come up with a complete family on very short notice. It turns out that his mom has been lying to her brother-in-law for years about how many children she had, since he sent each one $50 on their birthday.

Flying Wild

The East End Kids tackle a saboteur posing as a doctor for a flying hospital. And if that isnít enough, lazy Mugsy finally gets a job!

Ghosts On The Loose

The boys hunt ghosts and Nazis spies in this 1943 movie. The movie also stars Bela Lugosi and Ava Gardner.

Kid Dynamite

Mugsy is kidnapped on the night of the championship bout (heís a boxer in this picture). After accusing Danny, the gang has to figure out who really tried to sabotage the match, and what to do about it.

Letís Get Tough

After being rejected by the Army due to their age, the boys decide to start looking for Axis forces in Brooklyn.

Million Dollar Kid

The kids saves a millionaire from a gang of muggers. Soon afterward, they learn that one of the muggers was the manís son. Now they have to reform the boy, and patch things up between the father and son.

Pride Of The Bowery

Set in the 1930's Depression (but made in 1941), this movie tells how Mugs was tricked into joining a Civilianís Conservation Corps camp by the rest of the gang. While there, Mugs finally learns how to be a nice guy (but not for long).

Smart Alecks

Hank is thrown out of the gang after he takes a job working for a gangster. After Danny gets a reward for capturing the crook that Hank is working for, the rest of the gang decide to steal it from Danny. Talk about hypocrisy! 1942.

Spooks Run Wild

Bela Lugosi teams up with the East Side Kids in this 1941 comedy. There's a killer on the loose, and the kids think it's Bela. Worse, he might just be a vampire. The movie features Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, Dave O'Brien, David Gorcey and Angelo Rossitto.

That Gang Of Mine

Instead of boxing, Mugs decides that becoming a jockey is his key to getting rich fast. 1940.

They Made Me A Criminal

John Garfield stars as a boxer that thinks he accidentally killed a reporter. While running away from the law, he finds the kids working on a California farm for the summer. The movie is a remake of The Life Of Jimmy Dolan. 1939.





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