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Attack of the Giant Leeches -- A.K.A. – She Demons of the Swamp

“Suitimation” American style, as a group of people in a Florida Swamp deal with human   size leeches. Produced by Gene and Roger Corman. Also known as She Demons of the Swamp, but does not have any footage added or removed. 1959. Black and White. Available on VCD.    


Beast From Haunted Cave

Gene Corman produced this 1959 feature about a group of criminals that slowly gets eaten by a monster. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Blob  1958

This is the original version featuring Steve McQueen. For those unfamiliar with the movie, a giant space ameba tries to eat the citizens of a small town. Color. Available on VCD.


Bowery At Midnight

Bela Lugosi stars as a mad scientist that turns criminals into zombies that do his evil bidding. 1942. Black and white. Available on VCD.



A sorcerer that was executed in the Spanish Inquisition has come back in modern times (well, 1961 anyway) to seek revenge on the decedents of those who murdered him. Made in Mexico, but dubbed in English. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Christmas Evil

A man that was traumatized by Santa Claus as a boy decides to go on a killing spree as Santa. 1980. Available on VCD.


Circus Of Fear

A traveling circus is behind a series of gruesome murders in this 1967 horror classic. Color. Available on VCD.


City Of The Walking Dead

Unlike the undead zombie that movies generally use, this Italian/Spanish movie has zombies created by atomic mutation. Instead of eating brains, they prefer to drink the blood of healthy people. Some walk by night, some by day. This is the city for zombies that do more than moonlight. Yes, there is a pun hidden there. Dubbed in English. There is a lot of graphic violence and nudity. As such, you must be 18 or older to purchase. Available on VCD.


Cult of the Cobra

A group of soldiers defile a religious ceremony while over seas. As a result, a woman that can change into a cobra tracks them down to kill them. 1955. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Devil Bat -- A.K.A. – Killer Bats

Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist, creating giant killer bats. Also known as Killer Bats, but doesn’t have any footage added or removed. 1941. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Fangs Of The Living Dead

A woman inherits a castle, only to find that it’s infested with vampires. Color. Available on VCD.


Fury Of The Wolfman

While on an expedition in Tibet, a scientist becomes a wolfman. Once he returns home, he makes the mistake of confiding in a fellow scientist who, unknown to him, can control the monster for her own gain. Color. 1971. Available on VCD. 


The Ghoul

This is the 1933 Boris Karloff movie that was once considered to be lost. Fortunately, a copy was found in a Czechoslovakian theater. Karloff stars as Professor Moriant, a man that receives a mysterious Egyptian jewel that brings eternal life to whoever holds it when they die. After that, it’s basically another mummy movie. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Giant Spider Invasion

Steve Brodie, Alan Hale Jr, and Barbara Hale star in this movie about a small town that’s over run by spiders. Of course, these spiders are as big as an SUV, and eat people, so they have it a bit harder than most folks with a spider problem. Where’s Peter Parker when you need him? Available on DVD.



This is supposedly the true life story of the events that inspired Mary Shelly to write Frankenstein. The party was thrown by Lord Byron on June 16, 1816. Other guests included Percy Shelly (Mary’s fiancee), Mary’s half-sister Claire, and Byron’s personal physician Dr. Polidori. Made In England. Color. 1986. Available on VCD.



A hungry bear is hunting campers for lunch. 1976. Available on VCD.


Horror Double Features

Each double feature has two movies, and is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: House On Haunted Hill - This is the original, Vincent Price story of a man that pays his friends to stay the night in a haunted house; Tormented - After a man accidentally kills his girlfriend, she comes back to haunt him. Both movies are in black & white.

Vol 2: The Giant Gila Monster - A small Texas town is attacked by a giant, man eating Gila monster. As usual, the kids figured it out, but the adults don’t believe them (sounds like every episode of Scooby Doo to me). The Beast Of Yucca Flats - This is a rarely seen Tor Johnson movie. Both are black & white.


Horror Hotel

While traveling in Massachusetts, a college co-ed (as girls were called back then) meets up with a 268 year old witch that has plans for her. 1960. Black and white. Available on VCD.


House Of The Dead

While hiding from a jealous husband, a man encounters a mortician with a few macabre stories to tell. The stories include a parody of A Christmas Carol, a woman that hates Trick Or Treating, a serial killer with an interest in photography, and of course, the man running from his lover’s husband. Available on DVD.


The Human Monster

Bela Lugosi stars as an insurance broker (that’s right, not a scientist or a vampire) in this 1939 horror classic. Can Scotland Yard stop Lugosi before he can kill again? And what about the hideous blind giant, Jake? Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Invisible Ghost

Bela Lugosi stars in this tale of a mild mannered scientist that is hypnotized by his wife to commit murders. Black & white. Available on VCD.


Isle OF The Dead

Boris Karloff stars in this 1945 movie about a group of people stranded on a quarantined Greek island. Available on VCD.


The Mad Monster

Trying to create an invincible army for England, a mad scientist infuses human blood with wolf DNA. This 1942 film was banned in England for 10 years, since the censors were afraid that the film would cause panic among blood donors and recipients. When the film was finally allowed to be released, it had to have a disclaimer to let people know that the movie was fictitious, and that wolf blood wouldn’t cause people to become werewolves. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Memorial Valley Massacre

A campground is being terrorized by a hermit that looks like a caveman. Color. Available on VCD.


The Night of a Thousand Cats

A millionaire playboy saves the heads of all his female conquests, and then feeds their bodies to his cats. Not to be confused with the 1963 film of the same name. Made in Mexico, but dubbed in English. 1972. Color. Available on VCD.


Night Of The Death Cult

A doctor and his wife move into a small seaside community, only to learn too late why they should have stayed away like they were told. Color. Due to nudity, you must be 18 or older to purchase. Available on VCD.


Night Of The Ghoul

Peter Cushing and John Hurt star in this tale of an English Manor that has a flesh eating monster residing inside. Color. Available on VCD.


Nightmare Castle

A mad scientist experimenting with blood electrification tortures his wife and her lover. This would have been a short movie if their ghosts didn’t come back to get revenge. 1965. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star in this British made Dracula tale. There is some graphic violence, as well as token 1970’s nudity. As such, you must be 18 or over to purchase. Available on VCD & DVD.


The Severed Arm

A group of spelunkers get trapped in a cave, and are forced to eat the arm of one of the members. Years later, the other members are hunted down one by one, each having an arm amputated against their will. Color. Available on VCD.


Silent Night, Bloody Night

A New England town is being victimized by an escaped killer wearing a Santa outfit. 1973. Available on VCD.


Sisters Of Death

Seven years after an accident kills a young woman as she was being initiated into a sorority, her father tracks down the survivors to get revenge. Features Joe Tata. 1976. Available on VCD.


The Snake People

Boris Karloff stars as the owner of a plantation where strange, voodoo rituals are being performed. Available on DVD.


The Snow Creature

A team of explorers capture a living Yeti and bring it back to Los Angeles. Will the creature find an agent and enter show business? Will the creature develop a Starbucks addiction?  Buy the movie and find out. 1954. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Web Of The Spider

Beautiful women are being murdered in a castle, all the result of a bet between two men. The only thing that really stands out in this 1971 movie loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Night Of The Living is that Klaus Kinski’s character is supposed to be Poe. Color. Available on VCD.


The White Zombie

The very first zombie movie ever made. And if that isn’t enough to interest you, it also stars Bela Lugosi. Based on the William Seabrook novel, The Magic Island. 1932. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Zombie Flesh Eater

A group of models go to sea for a publicity stun. Things go wrong when they end up on a ghost ship. Available on VCD.




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