Martial Arts


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 36 Crazy Fists

 Jackie Chan plays a young man that takes up martial arts to protect himself from the martial artists that keep picking on him. Eventually, he meets a hermit that trains him in the “36 styles” system. Available on VCD.


Blood Of The Dragon AKA Blood of the Ninja

 A martial arts film about a boy and a ninja delivering a secret message, to honor the death of another ninja. This is bloodier than most martia arts films. As such, you must be 18 or older to purchase. Available on VCD.


Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave

Martial arts meets the supernatural as the spirit of Bruce Lee (played by Bruce Lea) fights the Black Angel of Death in this attempt to cash in on the fame and death of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Available on VCD.


Catman - Lethal Track

A martial artist is endowed with super-human powers after he's bitten by a radioactive cat (can we say "Spider-Man rip off?"). His powers   include laser vision (I bet you didn't know cats had that), super strength and the ability to turn electric appliences on and off by waving his hand (my cat loves to do that, too). Color. Available on VCD.


 The Chinese Connection

 Bruce Lee (yes, the real one) stars in this murder mystery (of sorts). His family is disappearing one by one, and only he can find out why. 1972. Available on VCD.


The Eagle Fist

A student is sent on a suicide mission to receive a stolen book by his teacher. Lots of highly exaggerated training techniques make this a fun movie to watch. Available on VCD.


Fists of Bruce Lee

This is an unofficial “sequel” to Fists of Fury. It features Bruce Li as an under cover Interpol agent that has to infiltrate a group of international  jewel thieves. One of the better Bruce Lee exploitation movies. Dubbed in English. 1978. Available on VCD. 


Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death

This is a behind-the-scene look at a professional karate match. It also includes a fake interview with Bruce Lee, using footage from various movies. Color. Available on VCD.                                                                                                                       


Image of Bruce Lee

This is one of the better Bruce Lee exploitation movies. It features legendary look alike Bruce Li as an undercover cop that’s trying to stop a world wide counterfeiting ring. 1978. Dubbed in English. Available on VCD.


The Super Gang

Two gangs of kung fu fighters duel it out over who’s illegal club is better. Color. Year unknown. Available on VCD.








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