Mystery and Suspense


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The 39 Steps

A man is framed for a murder, and accidentally involves a woman that may be able to prove his innocence. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 1935. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Black Raven

A smuggling ring is secretly being run from The Black Raven Inn. Two murders have been committed, and there’s $50,000 at stake in this classic mystery tale. The movie stars George Zucco, Glenn Strange, Byron Foulger, and Charles (Ming the Merciless) Middleton. 1943. Black and white. Available on VCD.



This is the 1929 version of Alfred Hitchcock’s story of a woman that kills an artist that tries to force her to pose in the nude. Available on VCD.


The Charlie Chan Collection

The following movies all feature Charlie Chan as the detective, and are all in black and white. Each movie is sold separately (THEY ARE NOT ALL ON ONE DISC). Please consult the catalog for complete movie descriptions. ALL OF THE CHARLIE CHAN TITLES ARE AVAILABLE ON VCD.


Castle in the Desert 1942

Charlie Chan at the Opera 1936

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940

Charlie Chan in Rio 1941  

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 1944

Charlie Chan’s Secret 1935

The Jade Mask 1945

Murder Over New York 1940

The Scarlet Clue 1945

The Shanghai Cobra 1945



This is the original 1949 movie starring Edmond O’Brien as a man that is slowly dying. He’s been poisoned, and is determined to find out who killed him before he dies. One of the best film noir titles ever made. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Death Kiss

During the shooting of a movie (called The Death Kiss), the leading actor is killed. The primary suspects are an aspiring starlet, and the director (Bela Lugosi). This role is far different than any other role he’s played. He isn’t insane, evil, or dead! 1933. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Dementia 13

Francis Ford Coppola’s classic looks at insanity and murder. Riveting performances and an excellent script makes this a true Hollywood classic. 1963. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Dinner At The Ritz

Annabella (her whole name) stars as a young woman that wants to find out who killed her father. The movie also stars David Niven. Available on DVD.


Doomed To Die

Boris Karloff returns as detective James Lee Wong in this fifth instalment of the series. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Fatal Hour

This is the fourth movie in the series, starring Boris Karloff as the detective Mr. Wong. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Fog Island

When a man is wrongfully imprisoned for embezzlement, he blames his closest friends for framing him. After he’s released from prison, he sets up a plan to slowly kill them on a deserted island. Features George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, Jerome Cowan, Veda Ann Borg and Sharon Douglas. 1945. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Jamaica Inn

This is Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1939 tale of a young orphan girl that gets involved with smugglers. Think Long John Silver in the 20th century. Available on VCD & DVD.


Kansas City Confidential

An ex-con is framed in a bank hold up, and has to travel to South America to prove his innocence. 1952. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Lady Vanishes

This 1938 mystery is said to be Alfred Hitchcock’s “breakout” film. Based on the Ethel Lina White novel, 39 steps, this film shows off Hitchcock’s ability to stage suspense and use comedy. Black and White. Available on VCD.


The Leopard Man

A series of murders occur in a small New Mexico town. At first, it’s believed that a leopard is doing the killing. However, the killing continues after the cat is found dead. Who, or what, could be killing everyone? 1943. Black & white. Available on VCD.


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Peter Lorre stars in this 1956 Alfred Hitchcock remake of the 1934 Alfred Hitchcock movie. That’s right, he loved it so much, he went back for seconds. The story revolves around an American couple, international intrigue, and their kidnaped daughter. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Mr. Moto’s Last Warning

Peter Lorre stars as Mr. Moto. In this feature (the sixth in the series), Mr. Moto is in Egypt, trying to stop a conspiracy that would weaken the diplomatic bonds between England and France as World War II is about to start. Black and white. Available on VCD.


Mr. Wong, Detective

This is the first appearance (six in all) of Boris Karloff as Chinese detective, Mr. Wong. In this episode, Wong is hired by an industrialist that is being threatened. However, the man is killed before Wong can arrive, so Police Captain Sam Street decides to hire Wong to help solve the case. 1938. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Mr. Wong In Chinatown

Boris Karloff revises his role as Mr. Wong for the third installment of the series (six in all). This time, a Chinese princess is murdered, and it’s up to him to find out who did it. Black and white. 1939. Available on VCD.


The Mysterious Mr. Wong

Bela Lugosi is the mysterious king pin of Chinatown in this 1935 film, based on the short story Thirteen Coins of Confucius. The big mystery here is, if he looks like Charlie Chan, how come he still sounds like Count Dracula? This is not related to the Boris Karloff as “Mr. Wong, Detective” series. Black and White. Available on VCD.


Mystery & Suspense Double Features

Each double feature contains two movies with a mystery or suspense theme. They are only available on DVD.

Vol 1: Bluebeard - Women mysteriously start to die after they marry this man; The World Gone Mad - Has the D.A. gone bad?

Vol 2: The Amazing Mr. X - A woman needs to contact her dead husband. Can Mr. X help her?; The Bat - Vincent Price stars in this remake of the silent movie that inspired Bob Kane to create Batman.

Vol 3: Nancy Drew... Reporter - The young detective takes a course in journalism, and gets in over her head; The Kennel Murder Case - William Powell stars as Philo Vance to solve the murders at a prestigious kennel club



England is about to be attacked from within. Can Scotland Yard find and stop the bomber in time? Another fine Alfred Hitchcock film. 1936. Black and white. Available on VCD.


The Sherlock Holmes Collection

The following films all feature Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, and Nigel Bruce as Dr Watson. All are in black and white. Each movie has to be ordered separately (THEY ARE NOT ALL ON ONE DISC). Please consult the catalog for complete movie descriptions.


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939

Dressed To Kill 1946  Available on VCD.

Pursuit to Algiers 1945

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 1942  Available on VCD.

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942

Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943

Sign Of The Four: Arthur Wontner as Holmes. Black & white. Available on VCD.

A Study In Scarlet 1933 Available on VCD.

Terror By Night  Available on VCD.

The Woman in Green 1945   Available on VCD.


The World Gone Mad

A newspaper reporter uncovers a plot to kill the District Attorney. Now it’s up to him (not the police) to stop the murder and arrest the villains. Starring Pat O’Brien, Neil Hamilton, and Evelyn Brent. 1933. Available on VCD.


Young And Innocent

Nova Pilbeam and Derrick DeMarney star in this classic Hitchcock tale of a man running from the law. He’s accused of strangling an actor, and is trying to prove his innocence with the help of the constable’s daughter. Black and white. 1937. Available on VCD.




The Current Clip








This is a scene from Nancy Drew… Reporter. It is available on Mystery & Suspense Double Feature Vol 3











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