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Please note that the definition for “propaganda” in this category is the use of OPINIONS INSTEAD OF FACTS to promote an ideology. None of the titles have been placed here purely because of their political or philosophical context. All of the titles in this section are available on VCD and VHS format.




No Substitute For Victory

John Wayne stars in this badly made documentary about the Viet Nam war. At some points, it’s confusing about his views on ending the war. Does he want us to stay and fight, or to bring our boys back home? It is obvious that he is attacking communism throughout the film. 1976. Available on VCD.


Prelude To War

Frank Capra made this American propaganda film during WWII for the War Department. Unlike most films from the era, this one contains captured German footage of Hitler, as well as other Nazi related material, including a Boy’s Choir. Black & White. 1942. Available on VCD.







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