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Atom Age Vampire

Susanne Loret stars as a disfigured woman that agrees to undergo a risky experiment to regain her beauty. Italian. Dubbed in English. Available on DVD.




A rescue team is sent to Saturnís moon Titan to rescue a German crew. What they donít know is that the surviving scientist is really an alien that has taken over his body. 1985. Available on VCD & DVD.



The Day Of The Triffids

Giant man-eating plants from another world invade Earth. Only a handful of humans have survived being blinded by the initial invasion. Can the remaining people save the planet? 1963. Available on VCD.



End of the World

Did you ever wonder what would happen if aliens, disguised as 6 nuns and a priest, tried to destroy the world? Then this is the movie for you! The aliens have decided that the Earth is contaminating the universe with its diseases, especially war, so they blow it up. Talk about being a hypocrite! Also featured are lots of old computers that make an Atari 1200 look advanced, and light panels rejected by Battlestar: Galactica. Stars Christopher Lee, Sue Lyon and Lew Ayres. 1976. Available on VCD.



The Head

The head of a brilliant surgeon is kept alive by his mad protege. The story itself is a very thinly veiled message against organ transplants / Man treading on Godís territory. The film was made in Germany, but is dubbed. 1959. Black and white. Available on VCD.



Hercules And The Masked Rider

Hercules teams up with a masked rebel in order to save the rebelís girlfriend. The story isnít strong, and it is obvious that the writers thought they could get in on the ďsuper-heroĒ fad of the time. Available on DVD.



Hercules And The Prisoner Of Evil

Herc takes on a witch, a monster, and some wolfmen in this Italian movie. Color. Available on VCD.



Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon

Peter Lupus of Mission: Impossible fame (the TV series, not the Cruise movies) takes on the role of Hercules in this movie. The story involves the city of Babylon being taken over by an evil sorceress. Available on DVD.



Hercules Unchained

Hercules (Steve Reeves) and his companions are held hostage by a woman that has stolen their memories. Can he regain his mind and return to his wife, or will he stay her slave? Color. 1960. Available on VCD.



Indestructible Man

A science fiction classic from 1956 featuring Lon Chaney JR. A Man that is sentenced to death by electrocution is brought back from the grave by a mad (arenít they all) scientist. Chaney then seeks revenge on all the people that sentenced him to death. Electrifying (sorry, I couldnít resist). Black and White. Available on VCD.



Frozen Scream

A pair of scientists try to create a race of super-humans by killing them, then bringing them back to life at a lower body temperature. Year unknown. Color. Available on VCD.



Hell Comes To Frogtown

After a nuclear war, few men are left fertile (yet all of the women can conceive). In an effort to repopulate the world with humans, the women capture the men and force the fertile ones to breed (can you believe that this isnít a porno?). The big problem? The frogs of the world have mutated into giant, humanlike creatures that want to eat all of the humans. Since they own most of the best land, itís almost impossible to get the men to the women. 1987. Available on VCD.



Killers From Space

A group of funny looking aliens kidnap Peter Graves and make him steal top secret government information. What I donít understand is, if they have all of this great technology that far surpasses anything that we had in 1954, why do they need to steal from us? I mean, if they were going to steal something, a plastic surgeon would have been a better target. Black and white. Available on VCD.



King Kong Lives

This is the 1986 sequel to the 1976 remake of the 1933 classic that also had a sequel (not including King Kong Vs Godzilla, or the 2005 remake. And letís not forget the unrelated movie, King of Kong Island). Unlike the other Kong movies, our boy King learns to eat people in this movie. Stars Brian Kerwin, Linda Hamilton, John Aston, Peter Michael Goetz. Available on VCD.



King Solomonís Treasure

A group of treasure hunterís fight off monsters in Africa. The movie was based on the novel Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard. 1977. Available on VCD.



The Land That Time Forgot

Surprisingly good effects help to bring this 1974 adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughsí novel to life. Sure, a couple of the dinosaurs look cheesy, but this was made before the age of computer graphics. Available on VCD.




A man finds an alien laser weapon in the desert, and learns how to use it. Soon, he is transformed into the alien who died using it centuries before, and goes on a killing spree. 1978. Available on VCD.



The Mighty Hercules

Gordon Scott stars in this great Hercules story. Hercules and his crew must defeat a sea monster for the city of Troy, before it consumes all of the single women. The monster looks good enough to be in a Lucas or Spielberg film. Then again, Iím easily impressed. Color. Available on VCD.



Rocketship X-M

An expedition of American Scientists heading for the Moon mysteriously ends up on Mars. The science at the beginning of the film was N.A.S.A. quality. But once they left the Earth, the scientists proved that you donít have to be a rocket scientistÖ. Oh, wait! They were! Stars Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen, John Emery, Noah Beery Jr and Hugh OíBrian. 1950. Black and White. Available on VCD.



Star Odyssey

A group of heroes must reunite to stop an invasion of space robots in this Italian movie. It has been dubbed in English. Available on DVD.



Sword Of Lancelot - A.K.A. Lancelot And Guinevere

Cornel Wilde stars in (and directs) this tale of Lancelot of King Arthurís Round Table. The movie also stars Jean Wallace, Brian Aherne, and George Baker. Available on DVD.



Unknown World

Fearing that various nations would destroy the world with nuclear weapons, a team of scientists decide to rig up a van with a drill on it so they can live in the center of the Earth. Can anyone say ďmolten lava?Ē Personally, when I see a bad sci fi movie like this, I often wonder if any scientist that saw it back then wet his/her pants laughing at the script. 1951. Black and white. Available on VCD.



War of the Colossal Beast -- A.K.A. -- The Terror Strikes

The 1958 sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man. 60-foot colonel Manning had survived the original movie, only to suffer amnesia and brain damage as well. Itís almost a soap opera at times. This film was also released as The Terror Strikes, but doesnít have any footage added or removed. Black and White. Available on VCD.








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