The following titles are $10.00 each, including shipping in the US. Please add 1.50 per title for Canadian orders. All titles are considered to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and are sold as a collector’s item. Please see the Home page for shipping and payment information. Only titles with “Available on DVD” after the listing are available on DVD.




Dick Tracy Serial - The Spider Ring

Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd, who also played him in the 1950’s TV series) must find the saboteurs that have brain washed his brother, and are stealing government aircraft plans. Please note that this is an unusually long serial. There are 15 chapters, averaging over 20 minutes each. As such, I was forced to break this serial into four separate VCDs or two LP length tapes, each sold separately.  The VCDs are: Vol 1: Chapters 1 - 3; Vol 2: Chapters 4 - 7; Vol 3: Chapters 8 - 11; Vol 4: Chapters 12 - 15. The set can also be purchased in its entirety for $25.00


Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers Conquer The Universe

According to legend, this is the serial that inspired George Lucas to create the Star Wars series. It stars Buster Crabbe (Flash), Beatrice Roberts, Charles B. Middleton, and Edgar Edwards. This serial is a must for any collector of sci-fi movies. Available on DVD ONLY. $15.00


The Phantom Creeps

Bela Lugosi stars as a mad scientist that wants to rule the world with his giant, remote controlled  robot. Talk about being years ahead of his time! The series is available on four VCDs with three episodes per disk. Each of the four volumes can be bought individually, or as a set for $25.00.


Radar Men From The Moon

Sky Marshal of the Universe Commander Cody and his men must keep Clayton Moore and the Moonmen from using a unique lunar radiation to develop a devastating weapon. The serial is on 3 VCDs, each containing 4 episodes (12 episodes total).  It is also available on two LP length tapes. The serial can also be purchased in its entirety for $20.


The Undersea Kingdom

Ray “Crash” Corrigan stars as a naval officer that has to travel to the newly discovered lost city of Atlantis in order to save the world from an evil monarch. Available on four VCDs or two LP VHS tapes for $25.00.





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