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A Burlesque On Carmen

Charlie Chaplin takes on opera with his unique perspective of Bizetís classic opera, Carmen. Silent. Black and white. 1925.


Buster Keaton Double Feature

Each volume contains two films starring Buster Keaton. Each volume is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: College - Buster tries out for every team on campus to impress a girl; Steam Boat Bill Jr - Buster tries his hand at being a riverboat captain


Buster Keaton Shorts

This tape contains three of Buster Keatonís most famous shorts. The first one is The Electric House. Buster switches diplomas with an electrical engineer after graduation to get a job. The engineer finds out, and sabotages everything that Buster did. In The Boat, Buster builds a nice yacht for his family. Too bad he didnít measure the doorway first. And in The Paleface, Buster is inducted into a tribe of Native Americans. He then helps to save their reservation from land barons that are out to steal it. Black and white, various years.


Charlie Chaplin Shorts Vol 1

This is a collection of three silent Chaplin shorts, all in Black and White. Included are: The Tramp, A Night At The Show, and Caught In A Cabaret. Various years.


Charlie Chaplin Shorts Vol 2

This second collection features two more shorts staring everybodyís favorite tramp. The first short is The Floorwalker, which has Charlie trading places with a salesman that just robbed the store. The second short is The Rink, which has Charlie taking advantage of the new (then, not now) craze, roller skating. Yes, the tramp on wheels. Various years.



One of Buster Keaton's best films. He plays a young, freshman bookworm that tries out for every team in school in order to impress his girlfriend. The "Soda Jerk" scene was re‑enacted in "The Buster Keaton Story." There are plenty of other classic Keaton stunts as well. 1927.


Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

John Barrymore set the standard for Jekyll and Hyde in this 1920 silent classic.


Easy Virtue

This is Alfred Hitchcockís 1927 movie of a woman that wants to leave her alcoholic husband for her artist boyfriend. Based on a play by Noel Coward. Available on DVD.


Felix The Cat Silent Cartoons

Each volume contains 10 silent cartoons featuring Felix The Cat. All are in black & white, and have music. Some also feature sound effects. Each volume is ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD.

Vol 1: All Puzzled; April Maze; Arabiantics; Astronomous; False Vases; Felix Dopes It Out; Futuritzy; One Good Man; Outdore Indore; Two Lip Time

Vol 2: The Cold Rush; Felix Doubles For Darwin; Felix Finds Out; Felix Gets The Can; Felix Goes West; Felix In Hollywood; Forty Winks; Skulls And Sculls; Felix Trifles With Time; Felix Woos Whoopee


The General

Buster Keaton stars as a Southern engineer (the kind that operates a train) that is determined to join the army at any cost. 1927. Available on VCD & DVD.


The Gold Rush

The 1925 Charlie Chaplin classic.This is the story of one man's struggle from rags to riches in the arctic wilderness of Alaska.Features his "Dance of the Rolls", and his pantomime shoe eating bit.


The Golem

This 1920 German film is a great example of movie as art. It features incredibly well crafted sets and well-arranged camera angles that give this film a unique feel. It is obvious that this film had inspired the 1931 Frankenstein. There is also a Romeo and Juliet style sub plot that may actually feature the first instance of implied sexual innuendo. Very tame for the time (the couple is asleep on the same bed, his head on her stomach), but for then, potentially controversial.


The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Lon Chaney stars as The Hunchback in this 1923 silent epic. Chaneyís make up in this picture may be the only time that a costume over shadowed the scenery.


The Immigrant

Charlie Chaplin travels from Europe to America to start a new life. 1917.



This is the original silent classic by Fritz Lang. Many people say that the story is a metaphor about the evils of a class society. Others say itís about the evils of depending too much on technology. Either way, itís a classic film from the early days of cinematography.


Mud And Sand

Stan Laurel stars in this early silent comedy about a manís misadventures in the desert.


Nosferatu ‑ AKA ‑ Eine Symphonie des Grauens; A Symphony of Terror; A Symphony of Horror; The Vampire

This 1922 classic defines the essence of Bram Stoker's book Dracula beautifully. This movie is second only to the 1992 movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Some great effects and make up (I don't think Lon Chaney SR could have done better) for the era, too. Watch for Dracula's raising from the coffin scene, aboard the ship.The name Dracula was only seen once in the film, due to a copyright problem with Bram's widow (This was the first movie based on the book). Filmed in Bavaria, but has English screen cards. Also known as Eine Symphonie des Grauens, Nosferatu: A Symphony in Terror, Nosferatu: A Symphony in Horror. It is the same film, without any footage added or removed.


Our Gang Silent Shorts Vol 1

This title has three of the original silent Hal Roach Our Gang shorts. Included are The Fourth Alarm; Official Officers; Spook Spoofing. Various years.


The Phantom of the Opera

This is the original, 1925 silent classic featuring Lon Chaney. For those unfamiliar with the movie, novel or musical, the Phantom is a composer that is driven insane by his hideous looks (the result of an accident). He decides to dwell in the abandoned touchier chambers beneath the opera house, and force a young prima donna to become his bride. This is the long version of the film (approximately 106 minutes) and includes the original red tainted frames in select scenes.


Silent Cartoons Vol 1

There are four early animated shorts on this volume. The first is Felix the Actor, featuring Felix the Cat. The second short is Brontosaurus, featuring a dinosaur that needs to impress his friends. The third short is Fish Market, which again stars Felix the Cat. The volume wraps up with Flirís Circus, which is a circus unlike any youíve ever seen. At least in real life.

Tillieís Punctured Romance

Charlie Chaplin plays a big city con man trying to milk a young farm girl out of her money. 1914.


West Of Hot Dog

Stan Laurel stars as a man that inherited property in the ďWild West.Ē The question is, can he claim it, or will his two desperado cousins?


The Wizard Of Oz

This is the 1925 silent version of L. Frank Baumís classic story. It stars Larry Semon as the Scarecrow and Oliver Hardy as the Tin Woodsman. The film also stars Dorothy Dwan, Bryant Washburn, Charles Murray, Josef Swickard, and Virginia Pearson.







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